Kevin Gates – Wetty (Freestyle) Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] AXL (AXL, AXL) Yeah Khaza [Verse 1] Erraticism for the first time when I drove you back outta Texas (Texas, woah) Different feeling in the front room by the fireplace when we sexin’ (Oh) Move the mirror to the bedroom so I can see you, only if you let me (Oh) Blood all on my

Montana of 300 – Black Mamba Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] (Hit me up, Fuego) [Chorus] Put me in my zone, Black Mamba Can’t believe you gone, Black Mamba Made it rain fourth quarter, Black Mamba Givin’ game to my daughter, Black Mamba, ayy I’ma ball out, Black Mamba Play my heart out, Black Mamba Niggas can’t help me, Black Mamba, ayy Ballin’ like I’m Kobe,