Lil Scrappy Distance Himself From Bobby V After New Transgenders Video Surfaced

Lil Scrappy is distancing himself from Bobby Valentino after being caught on video partying with the R&B singer and a group of transgender. Bobby Valentino came under fire this week after a known transgender posted a video showing the singer fleeing her apartment. She justified her action saying that he refused to pay her for

Bobby Valentino Breaks Silence Says Transgender Extorting Him With Video

Bobby Valentino has broken his silence on a viral video that shows him hiding and running out of a transgender apartment. The clip broke the internet on Monday leaving his fans in dismay as the transgender female trashed him on social media for allegedly hiring her and then refusing to paying. According to Bobby V,

Bobby Valentino Gets Expose By Transgender In Viral Video

Bobby Valentino has some explaining to do after a video went viral showing him running out a room belonging to a transgender. There have been rumors for years claiming that Bobby Valentino is dating a transgender, a claim he denied repeatedly. So it was a big surprise to most of his fans when a transgender