Sexy Zone – 忘れられない花 歌詞

February 13, 2018 by JBuzz 忘れられない花 歌詞 Sexy Zone アルバム/ Album: XYZ=repainting作詞/ Lyricist: さかいゆう作曲/ Composer: さかいゆう発売日/ Release date: 2018/2/14Language: 日本語/ Japanese Sexy Zone – 忘れられない花 KANJI LYRICS flower…flower…let me tell you what I just can’t forget your touchI just can’t forget our flowerI just can’t forget your touchI just can’t forget our flower 君と会って温もりを知った愛に憧れ燃えるような恋をした 響く鼓動のBPMピタリと同じあの頃忘れないと忘れなくちゃ君を

VARSITY – Can You Come Out Now (Sub Español, Hangul, Roma)

Hoo (let me say) Hoo Baby baby 너무 더워 넌 뭐해 Baby baby 잠이 안와 심심해 Baby baby 우리 둘 사이 처럼 뜨거운 gauge Baby hot 뜨거 더는 못 참어 지금 나와 시원한 드라이브 어때 Cool한 바람을 선물할게 (baby 뭘 원해?) 오늘은 내가 책임질게 (내가 책임질게) Baby 꾸미지 않아도 돼 너는 뭘 해도 예쁘니까 지금

Popcaan Collaborates With Giggs on “Times Tickin” – Listen

TweetShare Popcaan drop a new collaboration with UK rapper Giggs titled “Times Tickin.” The Unruly Boss continues to push his career internationally with a new collab with London based rapper Giggs who you can find on Drake’s latest album More Life. “Times Tickin” will be featured on the rapper’s new mixtape Wamp 2 Dem. The

Namie Amuro – Strike A Pose (Sub Kanji, Romaji, Español)

瞬く間に hypnotize 見せてあげる through the night When music starts リズム刻む high heels 感じてみてこの heat Hit the club, turn it up, let it loose まずは champagneを poppin poppin このムードを boost BPMもっと上げて please いつだってハズせない これだけは L-O-V-E So here we go! We fine, we cool Girls, strike a pose! 誰より輝いて everywhere Yes, we are stars 見つめたら もう二度と離せない eyes It’s time 感じるままに駆けぬける runway Girls, strike a pose! We damn hot from head to