Iniquity Rhymes – Alone Lyrics (feat. MC Norad)

[Verse 1: Iniquity] Damn, I hear ya cries homie, I wish you well Been hearing nothin’ but tragedies since I put out Vicious Spell Witnessed embellished fallacies plunge down off their balconies I’m ’bout to be real with ya, screw formalities, man I’ll give ’em hell! Sometimes, like you, I feel Alone and insecure By

Juice WRLD – Addicted Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Mega, you played that boy [Chorus] Ayy‚ smoke so much I think I need another lung Fuck my liver up‚ I need another one Fell in love with perkys‚ yeah, I love the blues Mix it with the Henny, ain’t got shit to lose Now I’m seein’ double‚ seein’ two, seein’ two I feel like

Lil Baby – Southside Lyrics

[Intro] Southside on the track, yeah Southside Southside Yeah Strapped [Hook] I just got some stupid dome from this hoe from the Southside Long live Troop, my OG man, that nigga from the Southside Shout out Deezy and them Lo’s who crippin’ on the Southside I get bags in for the low and send them

Huey Mack – Playboy Bunny Lyrics

[Hook] I’ve been off the drink for a month straight My trainer said I need to go and lose the weight Now my pockets be the only thing chubby I’m tryna stick my (oh!) inside a Playboy bunny like Inside a Playboy bunny I’m tryna stick my (oh!) inside a Playboy bunny like Inside a

L2B – Fully Focused lyrics

[Hook] I’m moving on fast, where the cash at? I could hold on to my past, but I’m past that, Now I’m on the right track and I’m locked and loaded, And there’s no turning back now, I’m fully focused. I’m fully focused man, I’m fully focused. Fully focused, fully, fully focused. I’m fully focused