Roy Ayers – Poo Poo La La Lyrics

[Intro: Roy Ayers] Let me kiss you… on your poo poo la la Let me kiss you… on your poo poo la la [Verse 1: Roy Ayers] She was the kind of woman that would trim your toe nails at 5 o’clock in the morning She was honest, loyal, sincere, dedicated, understanding… She was everything

Aarzemnieki – Cake To Bake Lyrics

I melted the ice of the polar caps Found the raiders of the lost ark Solved a case for the genius from Baker Street Helped to clean the Central Park I created the plan for the Chinese wall Went to desert, made it rain Swam through a shark tank bloodily Found Atlantis, by the way

Jonas Brothers – Like It’s Christmas Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Dum-dum-dum-dum [Verse 1: Nick Jonas] The snow on the ground, the love in the air Sleigh bells are ringin’ This is what it’s all about The fire is warm, the angels are singin’ [Pre-Chorus: Nick Jonas with Joe Jonas] And I don’t wanna miss a single thing Don’t wanna put end to all this cheer

Skepta – Shutdown lyrics

[Intro: Drake] Man’s never been in Marquee when it’s shutdown eh? Trusss me daddi (Man’s never been in) [Hook: Skepta] When it’s shutdown That’s not me and it’s shutdown Ring ring pussy, it’s shutdown Fashion week and it’s shutdown Went to the show sitting in the front row In a black tracksuit and it’s shutdown

Tony Bennett – The Lady Is A Tramp (Tony Bennett Celebrates 90 Album)

She gets too hungry, for dinner at eight (I am starving) She loves the theater, but she never comes late I never bother, with people that I hate That’s why this chick is a tramp She doesn’t like crap games, with barons and earls Won’t go to Harlem, in ermines and pearls And I definitely

Pitbull – Can’t Have lyrics

[Intro: Pitbull (Steven A. Clark)] Ape Drums, Steven Clark, and yours truly Mr. W.W., haha! I told you once (Can’t Have) I tell you twice (Can’t Have) The grass looks greener on the other side Til you get to the other side, haha [Pre-Hook: Steven A. Clark] Well you’re happy now And I’m so glad,