Business people. The Timchenko Foundation will support local communities in the outback

More than half of Russia's population lives outside the big cities. There are no huge budgets, and often there are no enterprises either. But there are initiative people — they unite in communities and themselves transform life around. The Timchenko Foundation presented its new strategy. Uncle Petya Courchevel and others like him People of action

“I don’t want 30, I want 300.” Is an era of teacher shortage coming in Russia?

There is a shortage of teachers in schools in a number of regions of the country, especially in mathematics, physics, Russian and foreign languages. To solve the problem, the Cabinet of Ministers has created a Concept for the Training of Pedagogical Personnel for the Education System until 2030 . On the eve of the new academic year,

The court arrested the CEO of the hostel, where 8 people died in a fire

Plot A fire in a Moscow hostel The Presnensky District Court issued a decision to arrest Eleonora Mironova, the general director of a hostel in the Russian capital, where 8 people died as a result of a fire, Izvestia reports. Eleonora Mironova was arrested until September 29. Earlier, the Presnensky District Court decided to send

Significant social projects. Winners of the Internet Content Award will be awarded in Moscow

On 2 June Moscow Music Media Dome will host the first National Internet Content Content Award Ceremony. The award was established by the Internet Development Institute (IRI) with the support of the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives, VK holding acted as a strategic partner. Projects (videos, podcasts, articles, projects in the media and the blogosphere, feature and documentary series, films)

Age of Opportunity. The best practices of active aging are presented

Story National projects The active longevity movement is developing, growing with initiatives in the regions. The best experience does not go unnoticed. Today, at a press conference in TASS, the results of the II All-Russian selection of the best practices of active aging as part of the Demography national project were presented. Better and more

CEOs won’t be punished if staffers test +ve: Govt

Dismissing fears of legal action against manufacturing facilities, including imprisonment of the CEO or temporarily sealing of the factory if an employee tests positive for Covid-19 on the premises during lockdown, the Centre on Thursday clarified that there is no such clause in the consolidated revised guidelines of April 15 and such apprehensions are ‘misplaced’.

Smino – TEMPO Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Oh (Yeah, yeah) Man my boy back in the bitch on some everythang shit We back in that muthafucka, you know what I’m sayin’? Yes Sir Nigga, I was gon’ say this Whole lot to do, feel me? Big SMI-OO You know what I’m sayin’? Let’s go Shit’s whatever [Verse 1] I eat pussy ’cause

Robert Iger makes surprise exit from Disney

Robert (Bob) Iger abruptly stepped aside as Walt Disney’s chief executive officer, handing the reins to theme parks head Bob Chapek after years of speculation over who would succeed the longtime CEO of the world’s largest entertainment company. Iger will stay to direct creative endeavours through 2021 as Chapek lands one of the most coveted

Blacc Zacc – Carolina Narco Lyrics

[Intro] Still movin’ work like the Narcos Big racks on me, Wells Fargo Told y’all I feel like the Narcos or somethin’ All black diamonds like charcoal Met me a plug named Pedro Carolina drug dealer He introduced me to Diego, haha The Diego get me the peso, CEO motherf**ker (Kio, Kio) All white bricks like mayo, hold up

Victoria’s Secret CEO Leslie Wexner to step down

Leslie H Wexner will step down as the CEO and chairman of L Brands as the company announced on Thursday that it would sell a majority stake of its crown jewel, lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret, to a private equity firm. Wexner, 82, has led L Brands, which began with the clothing chain The Limited, for

LinkedIn CEO steps aside after 11 years, says time is right

The LinkedIn professional networking service is getting a new CEO. Jeff Weiner will become executive chairman after 11 years as CEO of the Microsoft-owned business. Ryan Roslansky, senior vice president of product, will become CEO as of June 1. Weiner said the timing felt right personally and professionally, with a ready successor.

Jessica Dime – Disrespectful Lyrics

[Intro] I’m so disrespectful I’m so disrespectful I’m so disrespectful When I walk in the door I be deliberately disrespectin’ their ass [Hook] I’m so disrespectful I’m so disrespectful I’m so disrespectful I’m so disrespectful Disrespecting these hoes (shoes!) Disrespecting these hoes (clothes!) Disrespecting these hoes (cash!) Disrespecting these hoes (man!) [Verse 1] They envious

Blacc Zacc – Chump Change Lyrics

[Intro] I still got the bag in the city, come and get it (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) Yeah, yeah, Neeko, you made that motherf**kin’ beat? Ah, nah, you ain’t make that motherf**ker This ain’t nothin’ but some chump change, dog (Yeah, yeah) [Chorus] I just signed a deal for a muh’f**kin’ ticket (Ticket) I still got them bags in

CEO pessimism over global growth at record high: Survey

CEOs are showing record levels of pessimism in the global economy, with 53% predicting a decline in the rate of economic growth in 2020, as per a survey. This is up from 29% in 2019 and 5% in 2018 – the highest level of pessimism since 2012. By contrast, number of CEOs projecting a rise

Jay Fizzle – Introduction Lyrics

[Intro] Fah, fah Racks racks Fizzle Gang Gang, gang, gang, gang Whole lot of paper route business Yeah, yeah, yeah Paper route Taliban Big grape Crip [Chorus] Pockets on full, strapped with that forty, yeah I hear the little shit that you talkin’ I don’t sip lean, but I smoke weed, yeah Strong got a

K. Michelle – Supa Hood Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] B-beats for the stars [Verse 1: K. Michelle] 901 on my phone comin’ through Young nigga, street dude, 22 Sorry, I’m not ’bout to play wit’ you (I’m so sorry) ‘Cause if we fuckin’, you fuck off, then I’ma shoot (Shoot, yeah, shoot) Memphis niggas drive me crazy (Crazy) I may let him fuck and

Rich the Kid – Racks Out Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] TheLabCook [Chorus] Niggas lyin’ ’bout they flexing, I done did that (I done did that) Niggas showin’ off, it’s cute, now where your bitch at? (Where your bitch?) I been chasin’ after that check, now I can’t miss that (I can’t miss that) Why you cappin’? signed 360 on your contract

Rich The Kid – Can’t Afford It lyrics

[Intro: Rich The Kid] You know what I’m saying, I know they doubted me Counted me out, you know what I’m saying Bossed up, real CEO though, read about it [Chorus: Rich The Kid] Suicide doors, go up (skrrt) They ain’t wanna see me blow up (what) Huh, from the Mazi to the Bentley trucks