Play this song [Intro: bearface] Hot on the day, like I’m wildin’ for respect It’s a three-peat, CC, bitch, you in the D-League Where you from, though? Can’t come around here, this shit is gated We made it, happy belated, I see the race, yeah [Verse 1: Kevin Abstract] It’s better if I try not

Chateau – Angus feat. Julia Stone lyrics

Lyrics Angus – Chateau I don’t mind if you wanna go anywhere I’ll take you there We can go if you wanna go anywhere I’ll take you there.(chateau) We can go to the Chateau Marmont And dance in the hotel room We can run with dead lights on ’til we got nothing to lose. We

Lana Del Rey – She’s Not Me (Ride Or Die) Lyrics

[Intro] Down, down, down Mm, Uh-huh Huh, let’s go! [Verse 1] When you got her in the back seat Drivin’ round the back streets Trying to block me out (Do you remember my name?) Cruising down Santa Monica Boulevard Does it light up the spark? (Do you remember my name?) [Pre-Chorus] Is she a Ride-or-Die