Marlo – Last Time Lyrics (feat. No Plug)

[Intro] Cook that shit up, Quay [Verse 1: Marlo] I went from making thirty off them hundreds to a nigga gettin’ money I stayed standing, f**king bitches and stayin’ on top of riches, run them digits Stop f**kin’ with them pigeons, I’m in the kitchen, really gettin’ it I was sixth grade with a bag

Lil Wayne – Wild Dogs Lyrics

Play this song [Chorus] Bitch, I’m… Bitch, I’ma ball and dunk on whoever Bitch, I’m, bitch, I’ma ball and… Bitch, I’ma ball and dunk on whoever I feel just like Russell Westbrook Bitch, I’ma ball and dunk on whoever I feel just like Russell Westbrook Bitch, I’m a dog, I turn to a werewolf Got Siri fuckin’ Alexa Me

DMX Meets Same Fate As Meek Mill Back In Jail For Bail Violation

DMX is destined for the same fate as Meek Mill. The Ruff Ryders rap legend, whose real name is Earl Simmons, is back in jail for violating his bail conditions. TMZ reported that X failed a mandatory drug test after appearing in court this morning in Manhattan. The judge ordered him remanded in custody arguing

DMX Released From Rehab Temporarily For His Fans

DMX is out rehab, at least for a little bit. The rap legend is getting a temporary reprieve from rehab to go on tour. He has an upcoming concert in Albany on Friday where fans were worried that he might not show, but now we know he will be there for sure, TMZ reported. On

DMX Is Sober and Packed On A Lot Of Weight Since Rehab

TweetShare DMX is not only sober, he has packed on a ton of weight since going to rehab and it’s pretty evident in the video clip below. The legendary rapper checked into rehab in August after copping a deal with to avoid house arrest. Seems it was the best thing that ever happened to him

DMX Cops Deal On House Arrest But Must Enter Drug Rehab

DMX desperately want to be able to travel and perform on gigs so he cop a deal to be free of house arrest but in exchange, he will have to enter a drug rehabilitation program. The rap icon legal troubles are still far from over since he is facing multiple charges for tax evasion. He

The Lox – Stupid Questions (Filthy America… It’s Beautiful Album)

[Interviewer 1] Uh.. Uh.. Ex.. Uh.. Ex.. Excuse me, guys! The Lox! Lox! Lox! Excuse me! Alright.. Excuse me! Excuse me, Sheek! Stylez! Stylez! Jada! [Sheek] Oh my god, What!? [Stylez P] Yo! [Jadakiss] Yeah, what’s up? [Interviewer 1] What about Benzino? Are you guys safe in Boston? I heard he has a lot of