Criminal gene. How maniacs are found in Russia by DNA

The first forensic DNA research in our country began in 1988 the year when the USSR State Committee for Science and Technology decided to organize genotyposcopy laboratories in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Since then, this method has helped solve tens of thousands of criminal cases, many of which seemed completely hopeless. In recent years, this work has

Decoded Feedback – Mescaline Lyrics

Evolution, like a software Modifying itself To create perfection A perfect DNA Cells dividing, splitting Producing oxygen A contribution to the world A resolution to the end Psychedelia Interplay A perfect DNA Dissolution This revolution It’s underway today Distortions Stimulations It’s mescaline Hallucinations And mutations It’s mescaline

Soulchef – Deal With It Lyrics

Intro: Hydroponikz Making music that you feelin from New York to New Zealand Verse 1: Hydroponikz Yeah, they greet me with a ”how do you do?” My day job political news, one day I’m jaded One day I’m like the only way I can deal is get faded Why the rich sittin somewhere shaded in this sorted peak This

Hannah Marcus – Hairdresser In Taos Lyrics

Six o’clock when I left the house Storm brewing over San Gabriel mountains I closed the door but I didn’t lock it I threw the keys right out Drove on through the central valley And all the way to a dead end alley Walked into a warehouse Saw him coming down the stairs And I

Lauv – Modern Loneliness Lyrics

[Verse 1] I’ve been thinkin’ ’bout my father lately The person that he made me The person I’ve become And I’ve been tryna fill all of this empty But, f**k, I’m still so empty Yeah, I could use some love [Pre-Chorus] And I’ve been trying to find a reason to get up Been trying to find a reason for

Vic Rivers – Sometimes In April Lyrics

[Verse] Maybe should of stayed in school get my MBA Can’t escape your DNA, heard from NBA Born on a bad sign, little faith in praying Ask yourself, are you down to die for what you saying If the truth hurts the words from my music kills Trying to save my life, they struggle just to keep it real

Vic Rivers – Leaving Las Vegas Lyrics

[Verse 1] I’m turning 26, I’m a man Growing old, I’m a man Gotta keep it moving, have to make a move Do it for myself, so much more to prove Four years, broken heart, nearly lost my mind Enough about the past, all about the grind Most these girls, all they see is dollar

Ry23 – P.O.L.S.K.A Lyrics (feat. Lont)

[Refren: RY23 x2] P – pazerność, O – odwaga L – leserstwo, S – jak szatan K – kłopoty, jak ich nie mieć w tym bagnie A – alkohol, którego tu nie zabraknie [Zwrotka 1: RY23] Mam to co mam, choć nie pławię się w luksusach Przyszłość trzymam w rękach, nie widzę jej w fusach

Ry23 – Gen Championa Lyrics (feat. PeeRZet & DJ Liquid)

[Zwrotka 1: RY23] Nie wiem dlaczego, ale czuję wielką chęć Zrobienia czegoś wielkiego ziomuś przybij pięć Chodźmy razem, nie ma dróg, których nie pokonam Jesteśmy niezniszczalni, mamy w sobie gen czempiona Mogą deptać po nas, ich sprawa My nie tracimy czasu, nie czekamy na brawa Idziemy dalej, chociaż sił już brak Brat jeśli się poddasz

Natalia Nykiel – Zagadka Pawiego Wzoru Lyrics

[Zwrotka 1] Egzotyczne dywany, blady świt Rozlane mleko czerwień zmienia w róż, cicho tu Odcisk buta nieznany, jeden włos Na ostrzu noża czas zatrzymał się, 6:02 [Refren] Ktoś zadał cios, pierwszy cios I trafił w ścianę, zapalił się lont Stłoczonych zdarzeń odezwał się głos Zza siedmiu gór i mórz Ktoś oddał strzał, pierwszy strzał Kulą

Cadell – World War Iii Lyrics

[Verse] Enough of the mischief Claim to be hotting me, you never did shit I show no emotion You’re only saying my name for promotion And if you both make friends right now You’d still be the one that got dosing How you gonna be disappointed? Just phone him I’m the reason you roll with 18 man to a

URLtv – T-Top vs. Geechi Gotti Lyrics

{Iron Solomon comes out and says he doesn’t have an opponent yet for Summer Madness 8 and will battle whoever wins this} [Round 1: Geechi Gotti] Ain’t you supposed to be on strike? Heard you was mad at URL cause they wasn’t payin’ you right But instead you up here rappin’, so there’s only one

Giggs – Smacked With The Butt Of The Gun Lyrics

[Intro: Fix Dot’M] Uh, we’re gonna steam roll ‘em on this one, real talk Jheez, Fix, wow, What you don’t know my name? Fix Dot’M [Verse 1: Fix Dot’M] Ah, I can take your pain way Like Sylar remove your headtop, take your brain away Fuck a rainy day, cuz I blatantly rave I was

Damian Marley – Patience lyrics

Sabali, Sabali, Sabali, yonkontê Sabali, Sabali, Sabali, kiye ni kêra môgô Sabali, Sabali, Sabali, yonkontê Sabali, Sabali, Sabali, kagni ni kêra môgô Some of the smartest dummies Can’t read the language of Egyptian mummies An’ a fly go a moon And can’t find food for the starving tummies Pay no mind to the youths Cause

Lil Wayne Previews A Fire Remix To Kendrick Lamar Classic “DNA”

Kendrick Lamar‘s single DNA is already a classic and now Lil Wayne wants to make it better. Lil Wayne will be dropping his highly anticipated new project Dedication 6 on Christmas Day, but before the mixtape arrives, the rap legend previews a remix to Kendrick Lamar’s song “DNA” and it sounds fire. In a video