Medvedev saw the end of the “stormy romance” after the “love games” of Kyiv and the EU

“From Ukrainophilia to Ukrainophobia is one step,” Medvedev wrote. According to him, Europe is tired of Ukraine, and in Poland they remembered “their frenzied nationalism.” Medvedev urged Ukrainians to remember about “love for the green boy” “Medvedev saw the end of the “stormy romance” after the “love games” of Kyiv and the EU” /> Dmitry

The Finnish Foreign Minister saw a chance to restore the trust of Russia and the EU

Finnish Foreign Minister Haavisto saw a chance to restore trust between Russia and the EU Trust between Russia and European countries disappeared due to the military operation in Ukraine, but it can be restored, said the Finnish Foreign Minister Trust between Russia and the EU can be restored, Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto said in

Belousov urged to build a new model of trucking with the EU

Belousov: Russia should build a new model of road freight transportation with the EU The Deputy Prime Minister also instructed to ensure the availability of air communication with the Kaliningrad region, promising that airlines will be compensated for the costs due to increased travel distance Russia should build a new model of freight road transport

Macron called the rise in energy prices in the EU a shock

Macron called the rise in energy prices in the EU after the start of the operation in Ukraine a shock He also denounced those who “got rich on the geopolitical context”, receiving super profits from the production of energy resources The rise in energy prices after the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine

Borrell says the EU will have to abandon the principle of unanimity

Photo: The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, said that the EU would have to abandon the principle of unanimity. He wrote about this in his blog. Borrell noted that the debate about the need to abandon this principle has been going on for a long time. However, in today's world, the context has

From shooting to entering the EU market: how Pridnestrovie appeared and lives

In September 1990, the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic was proclaimed on a part of the Moldavian SSR. Why she decided to separate and what she came to for more than 30 years of independence – in the RBC video Video Tags Subscribe on RuTube RBC Live broadcasts, videos and recordings of programs on our RuTube channel

The Foreign Ministry saw the “development of the CIS space” in the status of an EU candidate for Kyiv

The EU is acting without taking into account the negative consequences, Zakharova believes. In her opinion, this confirms that the European Union is trying to “contain Russia.” At the same time, Peskov and Lavrov did not see a threat to Moscow Brussels' decision to grant Ukraine and Moldova the status of candidates for EU membership

Sandu hoped for Moldova’s accession to the EU together with Pridnestrovie

The people of Transnistria are interested in European integration together with Moldova because of the economic advantages, the differences should be resolved before joining the organization, Sandu said. In Tiraspol, the goal was rapprochement with Russia Moldova's accession to the EU together with Pridnestrovie” /> Maia Sandu Moldova should become a member of the European

Zelensky compared Ukraine’s obtaining EU status with conquering Everest

Ukraine has earned the status of a candidate member of the European Union, it “did not fall from the sky,” Zelensky is sure. Having traveled a significant part of the path to the organization, one should rejoice instead of discussing future difficulties, he suggested. Ukraine's status as a candidate for membership in the European Union,

Political scientist explains why Georgia did not receive EU candidate status

This is due to the lack of intersections with Russia The EU Heads of State Summit expressed its readiness to grant Georgia the status of a candidate for joining the EU if the country fulfills a number of conditions. Political scientist Alexander Asafov believes that the reasons for the refusal to grant this status to

Albanian PM calls EU enlargement process a ‘scam’

Edie Rama EU enlargement procedure is “fraudulent” process, as 26 countries failed to overcome Bulgaria's veto to start accession negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia. This was stated by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama at a press conference during a meeting of the leaders of the EU countries and the states of the Western Balkans.

Countries will be able to join the EU only if the union is ready to expand

EU says Candidate countries may consider joining if enlarged The progress of any country aspiring to the EU will depend on the organization's ability to accept new members, the EU noted Any chance of joining countries into the European Union will depend on the ability of the organization to accept new members, follows from the

Hungary urges EU not to impose more sanctions against Russia

An adviser to the Hungarian prime minister called for a halt to the imposition of sanctions, warning that the EU could “find itself on the losing side” due to economic difficulties Prime Minister Balazs Orban. The agency clarifies that he is not related to the head of the Hungarian government, Viktor Orban. “In the end,

Macron appreciated the granting of EU candidate status to Ukraine: a signal from Russia

photo French President Emmanuel Macron, speaking to reporters following the first day of the EU summit in Brussels, commented on granting Ukraine the status candidate for membership in the European Union. “This decision was a political gesture of a strong and united Europe, … a very strong signal for Russia,” he said. The French

The European Parliament voted for granting the status of EU candidates to Ukraine and Moldova

Kyiv still has a lot of steps to take in order to actually join the European Union Members of the European Parliament overwhelmingly voted in favor of granting Ukraine and Moldova the status of candidates for the European Union. 529 parliamentarians spoke in favor of the decision, 45 opposed, 14 abstained. The resolution is advisory

Biden said the US and EU knew about the consequences of restrictions on oil

According to the American president, Western countries have cut off Russian oil in response to Moscow's actions in Ukraine, knowing that this will lead to higher fuel prices. But they had no choice Joe Biden The US and the EU understood that due to restrictions on Russian oil, they would face higher fuel prices, said

Tbilisi announced the request of Kyiv not to give Georgia the status of an EU candidate

The European Commission recommended granting candidate status for EU accession to Ukraine and Moldova, but not to Georgia .jpg” alt=”Tbilisi announced Kyiv's request not to give Georgia the status of an EU candidate” /> Irakli Garibashvili Head of the Servant of the People faction in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine David Arakhamia and the parliamentary

Biden saw the risk of a “play of waiting” between the EU and Russia over Ukraine

Biden said he was not afraid of a “turnaround” in the West's position towards Ukraine, but admitted that the conflict would lead to a “waiting game” between the EU and Russia, when the parties would check “what they would be willing to endure” < img class="aligncenter" src="" alt="Biden saw the risk of a 'wait and

FP: Scholz and Macron will lose leadership in the EU

Photo: Analyst Eoin Drea, in an interview with Foreign Policy, said that the desire of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron to establish partnerships with Russia is likely to increase the role of countries located in Eastern Europe in the European Union. At the same time, Poland will take the lead.

France rules out accelerated procedure for Ukraine’s accession to the EU

The Minister Delegate for European Affairs stressed that there is a consensus in Brussels on the issue of Ukraine's membership in the European Union, but this is a long process. Clément Bon added that Kyiv must fulfill some conditions France ruled out an accelerated procedure for Ukraine's accession to the EU” /> There will be

Two more EU countries introduced the first level of emergency warning regime for gas

Denmark and the Netherlands introduced the first level of the emergency warning regime for gas The same mode was introduced in Denmark, Germany and Austria Denmark and the Netherlands have introduced the first level of emergency warning regime in gas supply due to possible interruptions in supplies from Russia, this measure was announced as a

Russia’s permanent representative to the EU doubted the introduction of the seventh package of sanctions

According to Chizhov, Europeans are already seeing the consequences of anti-Russian sanctions, which are expressed in rising inflation and other economic problems. Therefore, according to him, it is premature to talk about the seventh sanctions package. =”Russian Permanent Representative to the EU questioned the introduction of the seventh package of sanctions” /> Russian Permanent Representative

Bloomberg learned about the EU’s readiness to grant Ukraine candidate status

According to the agency, the European Union will announce the granting of candidate status to Ukraine at the summit of EU leaders on June 23-24 All participants in the Council of the European Union (EU) meeting in Luxembourg supported the decision to officially grant Ukraine the status of a candidate to join the union ,

Lithuanian Foreign Ministry explained the restriction of transit by compliance with EU sanctions

In Russia, the restriction of the transit of goods to the Kaliningrad region was called an attempt to blockade, and in Lithuania they referred to EU sanctions Lithuania complies with the EU sanctions against Russia and has not introduced any unilateral or additional restrictions on the transit of goods through its territory, reported in The

Medvedev compared EU promises to Ukraine with building communism

The date of Ukraine's accession to the EU has not been named, but many “unverifiable abstract conditions” have been put forward to Kyiv, said Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Fulfilling the conditions for Ukraine's accession to the European Union will take decades, but by then the EU may to comprehend the

Scholz proposed to simplify the rules for joining the EU

The German chancellor is going to raise the issue at the EU summit on June 23-24 – at it, the leaders of the EU countries should consider granting Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia the status of candidates German Chancellor Olaf Scholz proposed to simplify the process of new countries' accession to the EU . He stated