Biden predicted a difficult conversation with allies in Europe

U.S. President heads across the ocean for NATO and G7 summits Joe Biden travels to Europe to rally waning Western allies against Russia amid ongoing conflict in Ukraine . The US president landed in Germany late Saturday night local time, CNN reported. The head of the White House will have difficult conversations with NATO and

El País learned about NATO’s plans for the largest deployment in Europe in 30 years

NATO may decide during the Madrid summit to increase the number of troops stationed in Europe, which will be the bloc's largest deployment since the end of the Cold War. Countries close to Russia are asked to form divisions NATO countries during the upcoming summit will discuss a possible strengthening of the alliance's presence in

Pushkov caustically answered Johnson about the establishment of a “new energy” in Europe

photo Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov commented in his Telegram channel on the statements of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson regarding Western attempts to abandon energy “dependence” from Russia and “find hydrocarbons somewhere else.” “Somewhere else”, if Johnson is not in the know, there is no free and affordable carbon fuel. Establishment of “new energy”

Russian gays were not allowed to gay parade in Europe

Russophobia turned out to be more important than liberal principles Everyone is already used to the fact that Russians in the world are being deleted from everywhere – from public life, from culture, from sports. But here the Russophobia that was unleashed in Europe dealt a vile blow to the holy place for Western ideology

The Hermitage announced a moratorium on exhibitions in the US and Europe

The moratorium is introduced for a year, all exhibits previously sent to European museums have already returned to Russia. The Hermitage pointed out that in the 1990s such a moratorium was in place inside Russia for security reasons The Hermitage, St. Petersburg The State Hermitage will not hold exhibitions in Europe and the US for

Biden promised Russia and Europe a terrible survival game

It will be hungry, cold and uncomfortable Now this is for a long time. Do you feel it? You don’t even have to explain what is hidden behind the word “this” – it’s vague for everyone, but understandable. It becomes even clearer after the words of Joe Biden: “What I really think is that at

The head of the IEA invited Europe to prepare for a complete shutdown of gas by Russia

Russia's decision to cut gas supplies to European countries may be a harbinger of further cuts, as Moscow hopes to gain “leverage” in this way, says the head of the International Energy Agency Europe must immediately prepare for a complete cessation of Russian gas exports this winter, says Fatih Birol, head of the International Energy

Bloomberg reported on the use of winter gas reserves by Europe

Bloomberg: European countries began to use winter gas reserves due to reduced supplies Data from Gas Infrastructure Europe indicates a decrease in gas reserves in European storage facilities against the backdrop of a reduction in supplies by Gazprom, they are used in winter, writes Bloomberg. Reductions affected Germany, France, Italy and Austria announced the use

Russian oil continues to flow to the US and Europe through India

photo According to the National Post portal, Russian raw meat continues to flow to Europe and the United States, despite the plans of countries West “to give up energy dependence” from the Russian Federation. “A significant share of crude oil is re-exported from Russia to the United States and Europe through refineries in India,”

Medvedev predicted the deepening of the energy crisis in Europe

Russia's opponents will do everything to harm its fuel and energy complex and economy, but the rejection of Russian energy resources will exacerbate the crisis in the Western countries themselves, the deputy chairman of the Security Council believes The energy crisis in Europe, which arose against the backdrop of attempts by Western countries to abandon

Europe 1 learned about Macron’s plans to come to Kyiv and announce howitzers

Europe 1: Macron intends to visit Kyiv, France will transfer six Caesar guns to Ukraine 40 km The French authorities intend to transfer six more 155-mm Caesar self-propelled artillery guns to Ukraine, the official announcement may coincide with a visit to Kyiv by French President Emmanuel Macron. Europe 1 radio station reported this, citing informed

Orban says gas embargo will destroy Europe’s economy

Orban noted that he would defend this position in the EU debate on the next package of anti-Russian sanctions. He urged to focus on a peaceful settlement, and not on sanctions, since they do not have an impact on Russia The imposition of an embargo on Russian gas imports will destroy the European economy, Hungarian

The head of the European Commission called the moral duty of Europe to restore Ukraine

Europe has a “moral obligation” to Ukraine, various European countries will participate in its restoration, the head of the European Commission said. Previously, she said that the condition for financial assistance to Ukraine would be reforms “The head of the European Commission called the restoration of Ukraine a moral duty of Europe” /> Ursula von

The Council of Europe announced the debt of Russia for €74 million in compensation to the ECtHR

Russia withdrew from the Council of Europe in mid-March, and the State Duma will pass laws within a week that will allow not to comply with the decisions of the ECtHR. According to the Council, Russia owes about €74 million in fair compensation under the decisions of the ECtHR jpg” alt=”Council of Europe announced Russia's

The Ministry of Defense announced the destruction of T-72 tanks from Europe on the outskirts of Kyiv

View of the building of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation On the outskirts of Kyiv, T-72 tanks and other armored vehicles that arrived in Ukraine from Eastern Europe were destroyed, Russian aircraft hit them with long-range high-precision missiles, reported in the Ministry of Defense of Russia. Military equipment was placed in the

Lavrov announced the emergence of “new poor” in Europe and the fall in living standards

Foreign Minister Lavrov: Inflation is growing in Europe and “new poor” appear European countries are facing a deterioration in living standards and rising inflation, an increase in the number of poor people, Lavrov said. He accused the German authorities of sending money to Ukraine instead of supporting their citizens In European countries, inflation is rising,

TASS learned about the interest of the security forces in Chubais’ “hidden accounts” in Europe

According to the source of the agency, we are talking about several billion in foreign currency, “possibly obtained illegally” Anatoly Chubais Russian security officials will check information about the accounts of the former head of Rosnano who left Russia, hidden in European banks and former presidential aide Anatoly Chubais. This was reported by TASS with

The Ministry of Defense announced the destruction of equipment from the US and Europe near Zhytomyr

Russian forces with Kalibr missiles in the Zhytomyr region destroyed weapons supplied from the United States and Europe to Ukrainian troops. In the Odessa region, the Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed storage facilities with fuel for armored vehicles of the Ukrainian forces alt=”The Ministry of Defense announced the destruction of equipment from the US and Europe

CNN announced US intention to leave 100,000 troops in Europe

The United States has brought the grouping of troops in Europe to 100,000 against the background of the Russian military operation. Washington does not rule out that the contingent will grow. The military will not take part in hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, the authorities emphasize alt=”CNN announces US intention to keep 100,000 troops

The Foreign Ministry announced the “free hands” of Russia after the expansion of NATO in Europe

Stockholm and Helsinki, which previously adhered to a policy of military neutrality, officially announced their intention to become members of NATO on 15 May. The day before, President Vladimir Putin said that he did not see this as a threat Maria Zakharova The United States forced Sweden and Finland to join NATO, and this “frees

The Pentagon announced the rotation of US troops in Europe

10.5 thousand troops will return to the United States, while the other 10.5 thousand will go to bases in Europe. The Pentagon spokesman stressed that American soldiers are not sent there to participate in hostilities in Ukraine The United States plans to rotate the military contingent in Europe in the near future, Pentagon spokesman John

Media: 20 companies in Europe opened accounts with Gazprombank to pay for gas

Against this background, it became known that several subsidiaries of Gazprom in Germany stopped receiving gas from Russia. According to the American media, 20 accounts of European companies have already been opened with Gazprombank. With their help, Russian gas consumers intend to pay for blue fuel in rubles. According to Bloomberg quoting informed sources, the

Serbia to convene Security Council over Kosovo’s bid to join the Council of Europe

Kosovo's intention to apply for membership in the Council of Europe violates the UN Security Council resolution and other agreements, Vučić said. Earlier, he promised that Belgrade would immediately respond to Pristina's actions and “show its teeth” .jpg” alt=”Serbia will convene the Security Council because of Kosovo's application to join the Council of Europe” />

Lavrov said that Russia does not want war in Europe

The West, in turn, constantly talks about the need to “defeat Russia,” said the Foreign Minister, who is visiting Oman Video Russia does not wants war in Europe— it is “The West constantly insists that <…> Russia must be defeated,” Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a press conference in Oman. According to him, the

US, EU and Britain suspected Russia of cyberattacks on Europe

The UK Foreign Office said the Russian-backed cyberattack affected Viasat's operations in Ukraine, but also disrupted the Internet in Central Europe. Russia has previously denied involvement in cyberattacks Russia has been behind a series of cyber attacks since the start of a military special operation in Ukraine, the EU, UK, US and other allies believe.

The Foreign Ministry said they do not plan to close Russian embassies in Europe

Russia does not intend to voluntarily close diplomatic missions in European countries, said Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko, RIA Novosti reports. “This is not in our tradition. Therefore, we believe that the work of diplomatic missions is important, — he answered a question about such a possibility against the backdrop of Western sanctions. At the

Macron called for the return of food independence to Europe

Photo: Video still The EU needs to regain its food independence and reassess its production strategy. This was stated by French President Emmanuel Macron. According to the head of the French state, this reassessment is necessary against the backdrop of events in Ukraine. Russia's special military operation in Ukraine, which began on February 24, 2022,

The Ministry of Defense announced the destruction of weapons from the US and Europe near Kharkov

The Russian military also intercepted three Ukrainian Tochka-U ballistic missiles and nine Smerch multiple rocket launchers in the Kharkiv region, Konashenkov said View of the building of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Russian aviation struck at a railway station in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine and destroyed a large batch of weapons

Bloomberg: EU plans to ban Russians from real estate transactions in Europe

The publication reports on measures within the sixth package of EU sanctions. The international publication Bloomberg, which refers to the draft proposal of the European Commission, reports that the EC intends to ban any transactions of both individuals and legal entities of the Russian Federation with real estate in the EU. In addition, according to