Famous Dex – 30 Go Bang Lyrics

[Intro] Everybody be askin’ me this Everybody be askin’ me that Why do they be questionin’ me? Like “Dex, where you from, bro?” (Y’all know where the fuck I am from, man) You know where the fuck I’m from (haha, let’s get it, man) Woo, esketit (DDB shit, man) [Verse 1] I’m smokin’ on Woods

Problem child – Famous Dex lyrics

Lyrics Famous Dex – Problem child Problem child Problem chiiild You don’t want a problem chiiild. Give me money now and and you what else I’m talking ’bout. She all love me now ’cause the nigger’s gettin’ money now. Problem chiiild Problem chiiild You don’t want a problem child. Versuri-lyrics.info Give me money now and

In my coupe – Rich the Kid feat. Famous Dex lyrics

Lyrics Rich the Kid – In my coupe I just pulled up in my coupe I might just f*ck on your boo Look at my hunnids they blue, ooh I f*cked your b*tch after school Dive in the b*tch like a pool Look at my chains not too cool Now she say she fallin’ in

Break her off – Famous Dex feat. 12tildee lyrics

Lyrics Famous Dex – Break her off Girl put your hands on your knees Like you done run out of breath Climb down that pole Lil’ mama don’t need no help She f*ckin’ with me ‘cuz she know that I’m breaking her off (I’m breaking her off) Broke nigga throwin’ no cash, you runnin’ your

So mad – Famous Dex feat. Rich the Kid lyrics

Lyrics Famous Dex – So mad Dexter, Dexter Dexter, Dexter, Dexter .. me that bro, I mean No, f*ck it Come here lil b*tch sis Wait, lil boy why you so mad? Lil boy, why do you hate? I get that money, I’m straight I been kinda good too Like I don’t care about a