Watch Lil Yachty & Diplo “Forever Young” Video

Lil Yachty drop two music videos this week alone. After the fun filled video for “Marmalade” with Macklemore, he drops a new video for “Forever Young” featuring Diplo. You can always expect Lil Boat to be having fun with his music and in his videos and this time he had his girlfriend India Love as

Bap – Do What I Feel lyrics

[All] Oh Eh Oh Eh Oh Eh Oh Eh Oh Eh Oh Eh Oh Eh Oh Eh [Daehyun] Jeo tteugeoun taeyang arae Nareul deonjyeo momeul matgyeo Rock (Rock) Michin deusi deo wiheomhage nae gireul dallyeobwa I Still Alive deo pumwi itge sori jilleo Rock (Rock) Kkeullineun daero hamyeon dwae Ya’ll Do What I Feel [Yongguk]