Sasha Grey As Wife – This City Lyrics

This city worships flesh! A cidade é isso (seja mal vindo) Suja e surda de vaidade Ciclo viciante vivo em destruir identidades Noite vazia, luas cheias de falsas vantagens Rende brinde a almas que valorizam bem mais a carne Lei do mais forte, lei do mais caro, do mais descolado Do mais bem pago e

Panic! at the Disco – One of the drunks is back Lyrics

Orange juice, pour out half the carton Grey Goose, pour it, get it started Good times, remedy your sorrows Baptize, don’t worry about tomorrow Shake it up, shake it up, now it’s time to dive in Share a cup, share a cup, now you’re screw-driving Every weekend with your friends Every weekday when it ends

Rae Sremmurd – “42” lyrics

[Intro: Swae Lee] Yeah Hey, hey, hey Word Uh, uh [Chorus: Swae Lee] European size, that’s a 42 (42) Left from the scene being cordial (yeah) European bitch paying more than you Young nigga hot, that’s scorching (I’m hot) Walk in the store, that’s a shoe sale (Swae) And all my bitches get Chanel (Chanel)