ASAP Ferg – Uzi Gang (feat. Lil Uzi Vert & Marty Baller)

If the bitch ain’t on me, she on Ferg Ask them niggas who they want (Who they want?) Uzi Gang, A$AP Uzi Gang, A$AP [x4] Marty Baller a mac I’ma talk about things that go on in the trap You can talk about rap, how I cooked up the flow, watch it rock while I’m

French Montana – Said N Done (feat. A$AP Rocky) (MC4 Album) letras

Oh my God, oh my God Blocka, blocka, big up, big up It’s the Coke Boy nigga with the A$AP Mob Oh my God, oh my God I see ’em hatin’ on the boy huh? ‘Til I pull up on the boy, huh? Oh my God, oh my God But you couldn’t fuck with the