Here Come The Mummies – Threeway On The Freeway Lyrics

[Chorus] Threeway on the freeway In the fast lane Makin’ good time baby, don’t it feel great? A threeway on the freeway In the fast lane Bring your roommate and your sister and we’ll all be takin’ a ride [Verse 1] I’ll work the pedals You can work the stick So slide across the leather

Sy Ari Da Kid – North East North West Connect Lyrics (feat. Quentin Miller)

[Intro: Sy Ari Da Kid] Yeah North East North West Connect You’ve been blessed You’ve been blessed Yeah [Verse 1: Sy Ari Da Kid] The rule breaker, don’t f**k with me In the HOV lane with no one with me But what you doing asking what I’m doing tonight? Well the last thing I’m doing

Boldy James – Method To My Madness Lyrics

[Intro] What else can I do? [?] You know where we at with it Bold J, let’s get it [Verse 1] I was down and out ducking [?] On some sauerkraut [?] Build a power house, caught me up to speed When I counted out my first hundred G’s [?] we can funnel keys [?] me and Uncle [?]

Joyner Lucas – Broke and Stupid Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] First, we’re affected by what we know When I talk to the kids in high school classes, college classes That’s the first thing I tell ’em Get the information while they’re here Nothing worse than being stupid when you get out of school So get the information, being broke is bad

Jay-Z – Bam (feat. Damian Marley)

[Chorus: Damian Marley and Jay-Z] Now greetings to the world Gangsta nuh live in a tenement yard Rude boy nuh live in a tenement yard Too much watchy, watchy, watchy Too much su, su, su, su, su Them chatty, chatty, chatty Them su, su, su, su, su Fuck all this pretty Shawn Carter shit nigga,

Rick Ross – Triple Platinum (feat. Scrilla) (Rather You Than Me Album)

You understand? "When I get to heaven, I’ll see my grandmother there She’ll say ‘Great God almighty, here come my child! He must’ve got here by prayer.’ Did y’all hear that? That’s what my grandmother’ll say She’ll say, ‘Great God almighty, here come my boy! He musta got here by prayer.’" Versace drawers, like I’m