Cam’ron Responds To Mase With New Diss Track “Dinner Time”

Just when we thought that Cam’ron and Mase made peace, the Dipset rapper offload a new diss track “Dinner Time.” The former Bad Boy MC surprised fans last week Friday when he released a scathing diss track “The Oracle.” The song was the number one topic in hip hop over the weekend with Mase ripping

Bruh bruh – Will Roush feat. Jim Jones lyrics

Lyrics Will Roush – Bruh bruh Como estas gatosito putos? Yo tengo 2 comidos latinas.(bruh bruh) One time like. You think you know ’bout me bruh bruuuh. Ooo, they don’t know ’bout me bruh bruuuh. You ain’t my enemy bruh bruhhh. You think, but you can’t see bruh bruuuh. Will Roush lyrics Video Will

DJ SpinKing – Kitchen (feat. Don Q & Jim Jones) (For The Culture Mixtape) letras

[Intro] P. Stacks DJ SpinKing baby, oh! [Hook: Don Q] Back in the kitchen I’m whipping that shit that they asked for I hop in the foreign I’m whipping that shit like a crash course 200 the dashboard, I’m ducking the task force I run through my passports, I’m punching the last 4 Back in