P!nk – (Hey Why) Miss You Sometime Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Ayy Ah, haha [Verse 1] Big time like, oh, I need your love Like, oh, I need your love Baby boy, I’m falling in your love We dominate this love Big time Jack Daniels type of love Titanic with your love Waking up in Florida kind of love We dominate this

KYLE – Playinwitme (feat. Kehlani) lyrics

[Chorus: KYLE] Girl, why are you playin’ with me? Girl, who are you playin’ with? You been on that new stuff I been on the same shit Girl, why are you playin’ with me? I don’t got the time for that Might need me a refund, haha I’ma need that time back [Verse 1: KYLE]

Bob Dylan – Girl From the North Country (Duet Version) Lyrics

(Dylan’s verse) If you’re travelin’ to the north country fair Where the winds hit heavy on the borderline Remember me to one who lives there For she once was a true love of mine (Johnny Cash’s verse) See for me that her hair’s hangin’ down It curls and falls all down her breast See for

G-Eazy – The Day It All Changed

Yeah, un-fuck-with-able Black on black Vader, soundtrack is so cynical It’s for certain, keep a cup of Bourbon, it’s so critical I’m just getting started, still a couple years from pinnacle Low key, I been killing y’all in another interval You kiss that bitch, you imbecile, her mouth stay on my genitals Text me ten