King Von’s Family Issued Statement After His Funeral, Thank Fans

King Von’s family has issued a statement amidst the rapper’s tragic death and Billboard chart success. It’s been almost two weeks since Chicago rapper King Von was fatally shot outside a club in the city of Atlanta. His family and team are now speaking out in a statement for the first time since his passing.

King Von’s Autopsy Photos Leaked Online Angering His Fans

Photos from King Von’s autopsy have leaked online, and fans are livid. Amid the recent death of young Chicago rapper King Von, photos of the rapper’s lifeless body is circulating online. The morbid unveiling has gone viral, much to the dismay of users online who unanimously find it deeply unsettling. The overwhelming reaction echoes the

King Von’s Manager Refutes Asian Doll’s Claims On Rapper’s Last Words, Asian Responded

King Von’s manager is refuting Asian Doll’s claims about his last word and she is pushing back. Over the weekend, fans, friends, and loved ones of rapper King Von heard the terrible news of his passing after a shootout that occurred outside an Atlanta nightclub. Since the incident, surveillance footage of the violent event has

King Von – 2 A.M. Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Von Von Von Von [Chorus] Its 2 A.M. (Uh huh) We leaving the club, with the opps outside Told [?] spend that Benz (Spend) Moonwalk did em dirty, now its hot outside Fuck yo homie and fuck yo kid (Fuck em) They ain’t never pop out, and the opps don’t slide Nigga look at this