Snoop Dogg – Do It When I’m In It Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Jermaine Dupri & Ozuna] (Hi Music Hi Flow) Y’all know who this is (Ozuna, jaja) [Chorus: Jermaine Dupri] Every time I come to town (Uh) Shortie bad, she gon’ bust it down (Yeah) She know about the digits in my bank account And she love the way I do it when I’m in it (Ooh,

Moonshine Bandits – Sweet Home California Lyrics

MOONSHINE BANDITSSweet Home California Lyrics Turn it up Woooow woooow wooooo It’s the wild wild west the wild wild west It’s the wild wild west It’s the wild wild west it’s the wild wild west I’d like to welcome everybody to the wild wild west The sunshine state where we get krunk the best From

Wonder Broz – Chitty Chitty Lyrics

WONDER BROZChitty Chitty Lyrics Tool I am that dude GT repper Gushers crew Yeah I’m cool Y-Yeah I’m nice You better grab your girl Hand cuff her right I live that life Life of a star She ready She sending me tweets asking can we go steady I’m like hold up girl You’re coming on