Alec Benjamin – Lock me up for Life Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Well, I was walkin’ through some shops at the mall A gold Versace watch was hangin’ up on the wall And no, I didn’t have the money to ball So I thought about takin’ it I saw this movie playin’ up in my head I walk outside and jack a Mercedes Benz Go drivin’ down the 5 and even

Aidan Fine – Ivy Lyrics

[Chorus] Father if I Promise to chase my dreams Will you stand beside me To make ends meet? I’m drowning in my bloodstream Will you cut the IV And make me clean? [Verse 1] Sometimes I scare myself With thoughts I can’t control Last week my homie Told me she been feeling real low Cos some dude stays harassing

JAY-Z – ’03 Bonnie & Clyde lyrics

(feat. Beyoncé) [talking] Uhh uhh uhh. You ready B? Let’s go get ’em.. [Verse 1: Jay-Z] Look for me! Young, B Cruisin down the westside – high, way Doing what we like to do – our, way Eyes behind shades, this necklace the reason All of my dates been blind dates But today, I got

Kodak Black – Helluva Love Lyrics

[Intro] Remember hitting licks and I’ma saying this man And I just got my mom a Mercedes Benz Helluva Helluva one Helluva [Hook] Helluva he always keep a helluva one I can’t love you back cause that’s a helluva love Never cheat on me cause I ain’t regular I’m wondering if they real the way

Blowin minds – Chief Keef feat. Asap Rocky lyrics

Lyrics Chief Keef – Blowin minds All new watch, that b*tch blowin minds When we show up, you know it’s showtime I don’t skateboard, but I’m on my grind Hundred thousand, all hundreds, it’ll blow a b*tch mind. When I was in the jungle we was blowin’ 9s Just hit a nigga b*tch for the

50 Cent – Get Out The Club Lyrics

50 CENTGet Out The Club Lyrics [50 Cent-talking over beat] It’s gangsta nigga It’s too gangsta nigga I keep it gangsta nigga Wha wha It’s gangsta nigga It’s too gangsta nigga I keep it gangsta nigga Wha [50 Cent] Get out the club BITCH Niggas tryin to holla at you We want parlay wit you

Freddie Gibbs – 20 Karat Jesus (You Only Live 2Wice Album)

Part 1 [Intro] Yeah, kane Yeah Yeah, yeah [Verse 1] My ambitions as a rider, nigga Survival off that powder, nigga Currently smoking that kill in the hills Where you can’t find a nigga Crack cocaine, microwave Dealer was on that type of nigga No sleep, bags under my eyes is designer, nigga Blinded and

P!nk – Get The Party Started lyrics

[Intro] I’m comin’ up, So you better get this party started. I’m comin’ up, So you better get this party started. [Verse 1] Get this party started on a Saturday night, Everybody’s waitin’ for me to arrive. Sendin’ out the message to all of my friends, We’ll be lookin’ flashy in my Mercedes Benz. I