Esper tweeted about Trump’s idea to hit drug labs in Mexico

Former Pentagon chief Mark Esper, in his memoir, claims that in 2020, Trump was twice interested in the possibility of hitting drug labs in Mexico with Patriot missiles to destroy drug cartels Donald Trump Former US President Donald Trump has proposed launching missile strikes on targets in Mexico to “destroy drug labs.” This is reported

Los Originales De San Juan – El Cara De Chango Lyrics

“Y ahi le va viejillo guango… ! Aqui le canta su padre hijo del cocho… ! Y aguante el chorizo viejillo hediondo… ! Y aqui el que canta es tu padre guey… ! Ando bien encabronado La culpa la tiene un chango Tiene mucho parcido Con los que traigo colgando Anda hablando babosadas Y eso

Pete Seeger – Living In The Country Lyrics

(Traditional) You know the guitar came to Europe with the gypsies 700 years ago Spain brought the guitar to Mexico 400 years ago U.S.A. picked a quarrel with Mexico and got Texas and California And it also got the guitar and the guitar got us It was Afro American people in the south That worked

Forever Came Calling – If Bukowski Could See Me Now Lyrics

Let’s get reckless like the ocean ‘cause I’m careless like the sea I watched you walk inside this crowded room, trying to drink the void in you We’re all searching for something intangible, breaking moons apart to let the ocean know You taught me a lot about confidence, a common place, and settling I taught

Vargskelethor – Dia De Muertos Lyrics

Esto musica es una mierda f**k christmas That’s right Yeah Heres a holiday That’s better Mexico Day of the dead Chinga de puta madre cabron Day of the dead I wish we celebrated that Dia de los muertos Why can’t we have that Oh yeah Ugh Swedish midsummer Sucks ass Tonto del culo Day of the dead I wish

GLOCK Lyrics and Video Song – Dilpreet Dhillon | Parmish Verma | Jinde Meriye

Ho laga dabb’ch Glock jaave jatt tureyaJatt tureya.. jatt tureya..Laga dabb’ch Glock jaave jatt tureyaJatt tureya.. jatt tureya.. Ho kole asla bilayti jeda chak tureyaChak tureya paun dhakk tureyaPainda dabb’ch Glock jaave jatt tureyaJatt tureya.. jatt tureya.. Hoo… Ho kaaleya raahan da kayi raahi aakh deMaut chandri da kayi maahi aakh deHo kayi aakhi jaande

Los Cuates De Sinaloa – El Botas Blancas Lyrics

Ya no soy el ayudante Hoy soy jefe de las plazas Ya no son pacas de a kilo Las converti en toneladas Un tiempo fui campesino Ahora soy ” EL BOTAS BLANCAS” Ese rancho de la palma Si vieras como te extraño De una pricion de durango Se les fugo un lisenciado Tambien le llaman

Kip Moore – She’s Mine Lyrics

[Verse 1] Love, I’ve been looking for a while Been  close a couple times Man,  she’s hard to find And towns everywhere along the map Well, I’ve traveled there and back And  I wonder where she’s at [Chorus] Yeah,  maybe she’s in Dallas Cheering for the Cowboys Maybe  laying low down in Mexico I know

Young Thug – Mannequin Challenge Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Young Thug] (You good, T-Minus?) Uh [Chorus: Young Thug] The Rolls Royce is grey, I’ve been callin’ it granny I copped that Lamb’ truck and that bitch panoramic (Skrt) I’m fuckin’ on lil’ shawty, mama, and granny I’m takin’ up space and they squish me like sandwiches Fuck what I did,

Goldfinger – Tijuana Sunrise lyrics

[Verse 1] Blacked out again down in Mexico, Jose Cuervo got me again. Wasted again with El Diablo, Alcohol my only friend. [Pre-Chorus] Smash the bottles on the reef, Wash the dirt off of my feet, That was the summer of my life. [Chorus] I’ve been drinking to forget just how good it was, I

Lil Durk – Just Flow Lyrics

[Intro] Ye ye Pussy homosexual Gang gang in this muffucka turning up in this one time You know Moneybag on the beat Muffuckin brooks you feel me [Verse] Pussy homosexual Cookie ain’t original Love my niggas x and o’s Smokin’ gas, testin’ coke Found the plug in Mexico All my diamonds eskimo Off the perk

Chamillionaire Responds To Critics For Helping Deported Man’s Family

Chamillionaire has responded to critics who came at him for helping a deported man’s family. The Texas rapper offered some finacial assistant to the family of Jorge Garcia. Garcia was recently deported to Mexico after living in the United States for most of his life. He has a wife and kids who he left behind

Lana Del Rey – Last Girl On Earth Lyrics

[Verse 1] Baby has a broken heart She can’t belong to only one Until another girl is found I don’t pay for anything My cigarettes or diamonds rings My feet don’t even touch the ground [Pre-Chorus 1] Chariots of gold, I ride with Jay-Z, Jared Leto I’m a superpower, now they call me the tornado.