Problem – Get On It (feat. Bad Lucc)

[Verse 1: Problem] Who dat, talking bout, who dat Run up on me, you get your ass beat blue black Go on get nerve, I’m off the curb Push mountains of herb, you niggas already heard The bro Berg, keep a pistol gripped pump on his lap at all time Whatever however, cause young niggas

Gucci Mane – Ever (3 For Free Mixtape)

[Intro: Shawty Redd & Gucci Mane] It’s 2017 nigga Welcome home ‘wop, blurr Shawty Redd, new bitch nigga, y’all niggas motherfuck’ at? Pyrex pot East Atlanta, Zone 6 Trap house Nigga where y’all think this shit started from, nigga It’s Gucci Ay Guc’, welcome home my nigga, I salute to you my nigga Ay, hol’