Lil Wayne – Weezy N Madonna Lyrics

[Hook 1: Lil Wayne & Stephanie Acevedo] You can throw up peace, I’m throwin’ squad up Had to get the dreads bleached, the James Blonde look I’m ’bout to put my hands on her like E-Honda She walkin’ around in a Young Money Tee without a bottom She squad It’s a Secret society, These niggas

Soulja Boy – Hit Em With The Draco (50 Cent & Chris Brown Diss)

[Intro] Ayy what it do man? It’s your boy Soulja Boy I got a new dance for y’all, it’s called "Hit ’em with the draco" Ayy 50 Cent what you talking about? You made all that money off Vitamin Water and then filed for bankruptcy You know I’ma knock Chris Brown out when I see