Jack Harlow – Pickyourphoneup Lyrics (feat. K CAMP)

[Chorus: Jack Harlow & K Camp] A whole new ten that I can lay down with Sent the pic to me, told her that she look astoundin’ Walked in and she caught the down wind And she like the way I’m well-rounded Don’t talk too much, if I’m honest with you, might be off too

Anderson .Paak & Knwxledge – Get Bigger / Do U Luv (Yes Lawd! Album) letras

Part I: Get Bigger [Verse 1: Anderson .Paak] I left home at 17 had to lighten the load I was young but I was keen to survive on my own In the fall gotta get it with my brother Elhaj Shopping work, bagging groceries, pushin’ them carts I was grateful to be working but say