Peskov responded to NATO statements about a possible victory over Russia

Photo: The Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Western countries “gravitate towards the apocalypse”. So he answered the question of journalist Pavel Zarubin, who asked to respond to the statements of the NATO countries that spoke about the military way to resolve the conflict in Ukraine. According to Peskov, it is better to talk

Biden sent a report to Congress on the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO

Sweden and Finland decided to join NATO against the backdrop of a Russian special operation in Ukraine. At the end of June, they were officially invited to join the alliance Joe Biden US President Joe Biden sent reports to the relevant congressional committees on the issue of accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO, the

Grushko announced the beginning of NATO’s new arms race

The Deputy Foreign Minister, speaking about the new concept of the alliance, said that it is not only about political guidelines, but “the process of military construction will be built under these guidelines.” NATO recognized Russia as a “direct threat” Alexander Grushko NATO is starting a new arms race, Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said

NATO unity in Ukraine was in doubt: the first cracks

Will the internal dissatisfaction built by the West withstand economic failures At the NATO summit in Madrid, the alliance demonstrated unprecedented unity in the face of one of the most serious problems in the history of this Western military-political bloc. Now the question is how long this unity will last. And Politico is asking this

Erdogan openly blackmails NATO with new demands

Turkish President again threatens Sweden and Finland to block accession to the alliance Turkish leader Erdogan, who became the “birthday hero” of the NATO summit in Madrid, removed his objections to Sweden and Finland joining the alliance , continues to swagger. The Turkish President openly frightens the Swedes and Finns by blocking their acceptance if

Grushko says NATO questioned China’s right to development

Deputy Foreign Minister Grushko: NATO questioned China's right to development =”Grushko said NATO questioned China's right to development” /> NATO questioned China's right to development when it called the country a threat. This was stated by Deputy Head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Grushko at a discussion in the international club “Valdai”, RBC correspondent

The Foreign Ministry called the entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO the saddest episode

The accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO will make the Baltic Sea region a zone of rivalry, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko warned /42/756566855456426.jpg” alt=”The Foreign Ministry called the entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO the saddest episode” /> The expansion of the North Atlantic Alliance by joining Finland and Sweden will

Erdogan’s intentions to again block Finland and Sweden from joining NATO weighed

“The Turkish leader has the potential to scare the Swedes and Finns by suspending this process” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan once again said that his country will not ratify the admission of Finland and Sweden to the North Atlantic Alliance if they do not fulfill the obligations previously agreed upon at the NATO summit.

The head of the Finnish Foreign Ministry estimated the timing of the country’s entry into NATO

The delay is due to the fact that the protocol on Finland's accession to NATO must be ratified by the parliaments of all 30 member countries of the bloc, which will complete the procedure no earlier than autumn. Finland may sign the protocol as early as July 5 Finland will join NATO not earlier than

Erdogan listed the promises of Sweden and Finland for NATO membership

In particular, the President of the Republic said that Sweden promised to expel 73 members of the PKK, which has been declared a terrorist organization in Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan Sweden and Finland must fulfill the promises made to Ankara, after which the Turkish parliament will ratify their applications for NATO membership (the candidate must

Estonia announced the start of a plan to strengthen the eastern flank of NATO

Photo: Global Look Press At the NATO summit in Madrid, a plan was approved for a significant strengthening in the eastern direction near the borders with the Russian Federation, which will start to be implemented “already tomorrow”. This was announced by Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas before the start of the second day of the

NATO has turned Ukraine into a “dump” of obsolete weapons

Ukrainian Armed Forces instructed to dispose of unnecessary Western military equipment The NATO summit is intended to become a factor in supporting Kyiv in the confrontation with Russia. However, it seems that this support is more and more in words. At least, with real deliveries of Western weapons to Kyiv, everything does not look so

“Bow before the tyrant”: Swedish Kurds condemn Turkey’s deal with NATO

Official Stockholm was accused of surrendering to “Despot Erdogan” Turkey pulled a big surprise by abruptly reneging on its promises to block Finland and Sweden from joining NATO. It is clear that Ankara does not smell of any charity and just good will towards the future NATO allies. Erdogan's office openly stated that the Turks

Guests of the NATO summit in Madrid were surprised by the “Russian salad” for 8 euros

Serious battles unfolded around the name of the appetizer At the NATO summit in Madrid, despite the euphoria over the removal of obstacles for Turkey to join the alliance between Sweden and Finland, a scandal broke out with gastronomic and political overtones. The reason for it was the appearance of the Russian salad in the

The accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO returned the Baltic to the “pre-Petrine times”

Experts assessed the new threats to Russia from the West During the NATO summit in Madrid, Turkey, Finland and Sweden nevertheless came to a compromise. Ankara no longer objects to the admission of the Scandinavians to the Alliance. The issue of NATO expansion can be considered resolved. It is clear that this changes the balance

Having let Sweden and Finland into NATO, Turkey achieved its goal

Ankara brags about getting “what it wanted” Turkey was surprisingly quick to withdraw its objections to Finland and Sweden joining NATO. Ankara has previously blocked the entry of the Nordic countries into the alliance due to concerns about arms exports and support for terrorist groups. Now, according to Erdogan's representatives, the Turkish side has achieved

Roskosmos published images of “decision-making centers” for the NATO summit

Roskosmos published the coordinates and satellite photos of NATO's “decision centers” Medvedev said earlier that Russia could strike at decision-making centers “not in Kyiv” State Corporation “Roscosmos” published on the day of the start of the NATO summit satellite images of objects in the countries— alliance members. The summit takes place from 28 to 30

Medvedev considered that Sweden and Finland as part of NATO do not threaten Russia

Medvedev said that the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO does not pose new threats to Russia The accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO does not threaten Russia with “anything particularly new”, said Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev in an interview with Arguments and Facts.< /p> “If they feel better

Turkey announces new NATO summit with Finland and Sweden

The summit with the participation of the first persons of Turkey, NATO, Sweden and Finland will take place on June 28. Ankara will push for amendments to Finnish and Swedish laws to fight “PKK terrorists,” Erdogan's spokesman clarified Turkey will hold a new round of negotiations with Finland and Sweden on NATO membership before alliance

El País learned about NATO’s plans for the largest deployment in Europe in 30 years

NATO may decide during the Madrid summit to increase the number of troops stationed in Europe, which will be the bloc's largest deployment since the end of the Cold War. Countries close to Russia are asked to form divisions NATO countries during the upcoming summit will discuss a possible strengthening of the alliance's presence in

Biden announced Putin’s unfulfilled hopes for a split in the G7 and NATO

The US President, at a meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, assured that the G7 and the North Atlantic Alliance would continue to maintain unity. The leaders of the G7 countries on June 26-28 will discuss pressure on Russia and assistance to Ukraine in Germany Russian President Vladimir Putin, starting a military operation in Ukraine,

Zelensky’s office rules out Ukraine’s steps to join NATO

Zelensky's office: Ukraine will not take steps to join NATO Nevertheless, Ukraine expects the North Atlantic Alliance to confirm partnership with Kyiv and hopes that any references to Russia as a partner will be removed from the new NATO strategic concept Ukraine will not take steps to join NATO, because the members of the alliance

NATO announced a restructuring that threatens to split the Alliance

Madrid summit to be overshadowed by allied strife US President Biden is flying to Europe on Saturday to attend the G7 and NATO summits. At the Madrid meeting of the leaders of the North Atlantic Alliance, it is planned not only to discuss the directions of further policy towards Russia and China, but also to

Johnson called on the G7 and NATO to prevent a “bad peace” in Ukraine

Photo: The British Guardian newspaper reported that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on the leaders of the G7 countries and NATO to prevent “bad peace” in Ukraine, which implies territorial concessions from Kyiv. “Now is not the time to encourage Ukrainians to agree to a bad peace in which they will have to

Biden announces strengthening of NATO

U.S. President Joe Biden will announce new commitments to boost the alliance's defense strength at the upcoming NATO summit, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said. . According to Kirby, this summit, which will be held in Madrid from June 29 to 30, will be the first time representatives from the Asia-Pacific region will participate. “This summit

Biden aide announces new NATO statements on balance of power

They should be expected at the NATO summit. Stoltenberg admitted that Russia is recognized as a threat, not a partner “Biden's aide announces new NATO balance of power statements” /> At the NATO summit in Madrid on June 28-30, broader NATO statements on the balance of power are expected, said Special Assistant to the President

US explains NATO’s fear of Iskanders

The most modern Russian platform for launching ballistic and cruise missiles The United States explained the fear of the North Atlantic Alliance of the Russian OTRK 9K720 Iskander. The Russian-made operational-tactical missile system is highly accurate, writes the 19FortyFive portal. Photo: Press Service of the Ministry of Defense According to observer Wesley Culp, the Iskander

NATO general urges alliance to be ready to use nuclear weapons

Photo: Commander-in-Chief of the German Air Force Ingo Gerharz said that NATO countries need to be ready for the use of nuclear weapons “in in an emergency. In an interview with the German Bild, when asked how the alliance would react “if Putin drops nuclear weapons,” the NATO general said that for a reliable

Erdogan to bring evidence of Swedish assistance to the PKK to NATO

Turkish President intends to present serial numbers and photographs of Swedish anti-tank grenade launchers captured in Syria and northern Iraq as evidence of support for members of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, the Sabah newspaper writes Recep Tayyip Erdogan Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the NATO summit in Madrid will show evidence of support from