Yung Bleu – Flavors Lyrics (feat. OG$dre)

[Intro: Yung Bleu] Flavors, colors Colors on colors, that’s flavors Colors on colors, that’s flavors Hey, hey hey hey hey Drip drip drip drip [Chorus: Yung Bleu] I’m drippin’ sauce on my Balmains We got the bat like a ball game Run up a check on my avenue I’m tryna stack up the revenue, flavors

Wiz Khalifa – Taste Freestyle Lyrics

Play this song [Verse] Fuck them corny niggas, best believe we get it poppin’ I just gotta talk, I’m clumsy so I’ll probably drop it Go figure, gettin’ money so they try to stop it I pull out a knot that’s thicker than your father’s wallet Always had to work, all my nigga from the projects Ballin’, no alert,

Demrick & Dizzy Wright – Hundreds Of Thousands (Blaze With Us Mixtape)

[Hook x2: Dizzy Wright] Two step with a blunt in my mouth Legendary stoner, I am one of them now I’m on tour, I’ve been running around I need hundreds and hundreds of thousands [Verse 1: Demrick] I need a hundred thousand fans with their hands up I take a hundred thousand gram for the