American Authors & Seeb – Best I Can Lyrics

Verse 1 Some people promise you the fame and all the riches But I promise I’ll be by your side right there to listen Some people promise you the world and all its glory But I promise I’ll be here whenever you get lonely Pre Chorus Ooooooooooooo Oh I saw oh I saw The archangels they fell from the

Talitha Tan – Okay Lyrics (feat. Darren Ashley)

Verse 1 You tell me stories about you Thought you’re different, something real That I make your, make your heart beat Like a bird that beats their wings You tell me baby that you feel You feel the same way about me You look so happy, baby tell me Whatever happened to that love Pre Chorus Boy you drive

Jonathan Foster – It Won’t Be Long lyrics

All she ever wanted was what she never got All she ever needed was what she went and lost When he lost the faith, when he didn’t say what he should have said And he left her holding nothing but her breath Pre Chorus Its getting clearer, It’s getting clear Its getting clearer, It’s getting