Mulatto – Fuck Rice Street Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah Man, y’all got me f**ked up Don’t know what the hell y’all talking bout Big Latto, big money Ion gotta steal a bitch ass thing Young ass hoes (Yeah, nah for real) Stay- Stay outta grow folks business bitch [Verse] First thing first on my first day at shit Young hoes wait till

Lil Baby – Ready Lyrics

[Intro] Metro Boomin want some more, nigga [Chorus: Gunna] In that fast thing, speedin’ through the city (Skrrt, skrrt) Panoramic brain, and my dash digi’ (Dash digi’) Motherfuck the fame, all my niggas litty (Lit) Backwood to the face, I don’t smoke no Philly (Nah) Drip, drippin’ sauce like I’m chili (Sauce) Let that mink

Two-9 – By The Hour (feat. Fatkidsbrotha, Key!, Jace & Curtis Williams)

[Verse 1 – LightSkinMac11] Said it’s pits on the fence in case I catch a ‘fense And I’m never on the porch case them boys are broke And them boys talking down hanging by a rope Baby blue pit had to show ’em the ropes Never s**t where you eat, baby boy you gotta know