Penx – Puncherfaust 3 Lyrics (feat. Eripe)

[Zwrotka 1: Eripe] Wkurwiłeś mnie Michał z tym Stepem, po chuj żeś tam poszedł? Nie no, zgrywam się, super, że już cię nie ma z nami Dalej zgrywam się, wiesz, że wciąż cię tu w sercu noszę Póki nie nagrasz ze Sztossem jakieś ballady Koniec beki, to jest Puncherfauster, ja wbijam z rapem, by zastrzelić

Marlo – Secrets Lyrics (feat. Skooly)

[Intro: Skooly] Ooh Cook that shit up, Quay Ooh-huh, [?], ooh-huh, ooh [Chorus: Skooly] Ten K’s, that’ll make sure that the rent paid Ooh, mama’s social, that [?] Yeah, kick that shit just like a sensei Ooh, I know, you know, I been faith Ooh, I’m just tryna get my shit straight Yeah, I want

Kida Kudz – Bounce Lyrics (feat. Wiley)

[Intro: Kida Kudz] Jigga Jigga boys Nasty Yeah, uh [Pre-Chorus: Kida Kudz] Every likkle ting that we do Dem other guys cannot do (Uh-huh) When we step pon the dance floor, they feeling my dance so You already know it’s a groove (Yeah, yeah) Every likkle ting that you do Dem other girls cannot do

Sy Ari Da Kid – Shoulda Woulda Coulda Lyrics

[Intro: Mekhi Phifer and Sy Ari Da Kid] They killin’ my little man, B. I’m about to be on some real murder shit, A. I’m tellin’ you man, any nigga that ever looked at me wrong, owes me money or ever said any jealous bullshit about me is f**kin’ dead. You understand what the f**k

Alz X 38 – Hotspot Freestyle Lyrics

[Intro: 38 and Tweeko] Tweeko Yeah yeah yeah It sounds cold Disrespect Alz And I’m coming right back [Verse 1: Alz] Addicted to codeine, in my cup I’m sipping lean I don’t know if I’m awake cuh I’m living my dream Niggas hatin’ on my team but they ain’t seen what we’ve seen Spent a thousand on some drugs,

Slim 400 – Piru Lyrics (feat. YG & Redrum 187)

[Intro: Slim 400] Lord, what we got is real (Yup, this all blassick) Yeah, and you’re the only one that can judge me (Know that) Serving in these streets ain’t right, It is what it is So what we doin’ what we doin’ so what Don’t judge me speak my name I’m dancin’, baby Slim

Jay Fizzle – Bankroll Lyrics (feat. Trinidad James)

[Chorus] My hoe come with no clothes My car carry with no doors Goat, ya’ll dance for the dough Roley got a nigga on the road Big bag a money make em hating me Whole lot a one make her shake She think you can tell by her shape Ass so fat I might date

Trippie Redd – Moon Walker Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] No, not yet, I can still detect the energy source behind the plants that were controlling all those people Blue cheese Blue cheese Blue cheese Ooh-wee Right there [Chorus] Yeah, big bro pulled up, gave me blue cheese (Blue cheese), yeah Like a angel, baby, I just grew wings (Grew wings), yeah She fascinated, I’m

Tyga – Freestyle w/ The L.A. Leakers – Freestyle #051

[Verse] Pay me on the first, niggas know I broke the curse How it feel when the Rolls is reversed? Nigga got it out the dirt Bad bitches ’round, I’ma flirt and I’m goin’ for my eighth like Cur Do you concur? Catch me if you can lil purp I go Kyrie Curry on the

Smino – Amphetamine lyrics

(feat. Jean Deaux, Bari Allen & Noname) [Part I: Amphetamine] [Chorus] Moonlight disrupt the day Been like this every night Walking in stumbling Fucked up some bread today Though I said no no this time Cycles on cycles It’s like an amphetamine How it marinate on my mind Stuck on me, yah Got no doubt

Triller Jefferson – Jesus Saves lyrics

Verse: 1 Wake up in the morning check the time-time flies i ain’t got no time to start living in the past I ain’t gonna  let my past play my cards and tell me what my future is gonna look like, For God’s sake this is destiny woke up from my dream and started livin’it,

Rihanna Cousin Shot and Killed Over Christmas Holiday

Condolences are in order for Rihanna whose cousin was shot and killed over the Christmas holiday. The Bajan pop star confirmed the death of one of her close cousins on Instagram on Tuesday night. Sources say she spend Christmas with her now dead cousin and other family members before learning about the tragic news on

Money Man – Out The Mud (feat. Young Thug) (Black Circle 2 Album)

[Verse 1: Young Thug] Blatt! Blatt! Blatt! Jeeee~ I make the pop flip I’m stacking my chips Like I’m in Vegas She gotta have hips Ain’t fucking no RIP My car is the latest My pockets on blimp I’m pissing out zips My kids are lazy Keys all on my cars I shine like a

G Herbo – Dat Nigga (Humble Beast: Before The Album)

[Hook] Ay Started from the bottom now i’m getting figures, but Way before this rap shit bitch i been that nigga Ay, 16 fucking bitches 30 they can’t get enough, cause Way before this rap shit bitch i been that nigga I know that they mad i see their temper tantrums Wonder why i’m humble

Wiley – On This (feat. Chip, Ice Kid & Little D) (Godfather Album)

Name won’t die out I proved my point at the try-outs Can’t sell things for the wrong price Wanna own stuff, no buy-outs Had a flow for the longest Had bars for the longest Other dons wonder why they won’t last so long It’s cause they ain’t on this I’m on tings, ring my phone,