Don Toliver – Spaceship Lyrics

Play this song [Chorus: Don Toliver] I get a lil’ impatient (Yeah, yeah) Who steady copped the keys to my spaceship? Sellin’ all Alicia Keys, she on my playlist (Yeah, yeah) I am not receiving, you know I don’t take shit I, I, I spilled lean all in my ride (Lean all in my ride) Dumpin’ ashes on your

A Boogie Wit da Hoodie – Good Girls Gone Bad Lyrics

Play this song [Pre-Chorus] I said, “You can go” When I wanted you to stay I think it’s my fault Oh, I think I made you this way (Made you this way) [Chorus] Now get up in your bag ‘Cause we don’t belong together (‘Cause we don’t belong together) When a good girl goes bad (Oh, oh) She’s gone

Young Thug – Big Blood Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Young Thug] Active gang bangin’, gang bangin’ activities for life One thing I don’t regret is gang bangin’, know what I’m sayin’? No cap Woo! Yeah! [Chorus: Young Thug] Guiseppes [?] Piña coladas with ‘Tussin I tell this bitch ain’t no [?] I can’t be [?] with no slut I put the racks on her

Skooly – How I Feel (remix) Lyrics (feat. Nocap & Quando Rondo)

[Intro: Skooly] Anything for a dollar bill, yeah, ah Anything for a dollar bill, yeah Dollar bill, ooh [Chorus: Skooly] They put dirt all in my goddamn life, I took my bath Popped ’bout fifteen guns in twenty-two days, I did my math Bitch, you ain’t playin’ with no lame, I ain’t playin’ no games, I want my bag

Tory Lanez – Fatality Lyrics

Play this song [Pre-Chorus] Saint Laurent we poppin’ ’til the bands go Count it up with numbers in the bando My young niggas countin’ bands to this (Yeah, yeah) [Chorus] My dawg boys countin’ bands to this My lil’ shooter countin’ bands to this We gon’ get this money that’s the plan, ya dig Them fuck niggas ‘ready know

Lil Tjay – Mixed Emotions Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Yeah Lil Tjay (Remy) Yeah, yeah, yeah [Chorus] Know you want me for my bread, you ain’t fucking wit’ my head Try to push me to the edge, I reverse that shit instead You want me ’cause I’m on, you want me ’cause I’m on You want me ’cause the drip I got, the sauce

Juice WRLD – Purple Moncler Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1]: Walking round in London in the Purple Moncler Money long, blowing here, I dont care Ain’t that bitch my girlfriend standing over there She walked over to my chair Then she start to dirty dance Her hands down my pants If it sound like my name dirty dan Just call

Lil Yachty – SaintLaurentYSL Lyrics

[Intro] Earl on the beat [Chorus: Lil Yachty & Lil Baby] I did Saint Laurent when that shit was YSL I’ve been runnin’ shit since I was the age of 12 Since a young nigga, been a hard-headed hot-head Duck feds, lay low, they do what I say so I’ve been gettin’ money since I

French Montana – No Stylist lyrics

[Intro: French Montana, Mountain & Kodak Black] Ooh Yeah, louder Hey, hey I’m in London, got my beat from London [Chorus: French Montana] Iced out (stylist), no stylist (stylist) New Chanel, Saint Laurent, Gucci bag (huh, haan) Lifestyle (stylist), no stylist (stylist) Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choos, that’s on you (haan) Diamonds on my neck, frozen

YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Permanent Scar Lyrics

[Intro] Whoa Kenny [Verse 1: YoungBoy Never Broke Again] Got to the top of the mountain like a lion I’m tryna see what the business Came from the block and right now it’s that time I made it out of the trenches Never look back, I ain’t pressing rewind Thank God for the way that

Ty Dolla $ign – Stare (feat. Pharrell Williams & Wiz Khalifa) lyrics

[Chorus: Pharrell] Seein’ things isn’t a good enough excuse When you are just sitting right there I know you ain’t just gon’ stare Bein’ things you never imagined, the possibility’s up in the air I know you ain’t just gon’ stare [Post-Chorus: Ty Dolla $ign] Saint Laurent my denim Reckless how I’m livin’ Brand new

Post Malone – Takin’ Shots lyrics

[Chorus] Drinkin’ all night, but we ain’t done yet (yet) Waitin’ on the plug, but he ain’t come yet (yet) Still need somethin’? Put your bank on it (bank on it) Got a big bag with a Bape on it Party ain’t over if they say somethin’ (say somethin’) No sleep ’til I’ve seen three

Lil Baby – Southside Lyrics

[Intro] Southside on the track, yeah Southside Southside Yeah Strapped [Hook] I just got some stupid dome from this hoe from the Southside Long live Troop, my OG man, that nigga from the Southside Shout out Deezy and them Lo’s who crippin’ on the Southside I get bags in for the low and send them

Post Malone – Psycho lyrics

[Chorus: Post Malone] Damn, my AP goin’ psycho, lil’ mama bad like Michael Can’t really trust nobody with all this jewelry on you My roof look like a no-show, got diamonds by the boatload Come with the Tony Romo for clowns and all the bozos My AP goin’ psycho, lil’ mama bad like Michael Can’t

21 Savage – Bank Account (On Ellen) (Live)

I buy a new car for the bitch (for real) I tear down the mall with the bitch (for real) You can’t even talk to the bitch (no) She fucking with bosses and shit (oh God) I pull up in ‘Rari’s and shit, with choppers and Harley’s and shit (for real) I be Gucci’d down,