JPEGMAFIA – Jesus Forgive Me, I Am a Thot Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Oh (You think you know me) When we rappin’? Uh [Verse 1] Pray (Pray), pray Pray you get comfy in your disguise (Uh) Pray for my thots on the other side (Side) Pray for my children I can’t provide, I feel 45 Pray when you shoot, it’s a homicide Pray for my haters, they terrified

MellowHype – Tisk Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah, Left Brain, yes maybe God, she, Miyagi the best man [Verse 1] It’s MellowHype by the way, SMH, OMG Tisk tisk tisk La-di-da-di Vlade Divac get it popping, flopping And this-this-this Flip this-this What is this-this-this-this-this-this-this This is legit, characterizing, you categorizing I’m rapping, enticing, baptizing your wives Your daughters need holy water