Big Baby Scumbag – Dale Earnhardt Lyrics (feat. Lil Aaron)

[Intro] (Damn, that’s Surreal right there?) [Chorus] Money in my face (What?), hoes in my face (What?) Pocket full of money, I ain’t runnin’ out of space (What?) Mama said, “Baby you done came a long way” (Woo) Still eatin’ ramen noodles, bitch I like the taste Dale Earnhardt, nigga, do you wanna race? (What?)

Wetbackmanny – Telemundo Lyrics (feat. Holy Manny & Lil Telemundo)

Tele (BRRR) Mundo (BRRR) Tele (BRRR) Mundo (BRRR) Tele (BRRR) Mundo I f**k yo bitch in the culo (Hoodrich!) Bitch y’all already know what the f**k time it is It’s flex o’ clock f**k Univisión, it’s el Telmundo in the cut No band aids needed Shout out all my immigrants worldwide Shout out my Asians,

Sean Paul’s Two Decade Old Song Features On Stone Cold Album

Mark ‘Stone Cold’ Hudson revived a near two decades old Sean Paul song for his compilation album Tropical House Cruises to Jamaica. Stone Cold released the project recently and debut at No. 2 on the Billboard reggae chart. He produced the single “Regular Thing” for Sean Paul in 2001 and while the track didn’t became

Saba – Westside Bound 3 (feat. Joseph Chilliams)

[Intro: Saba] And I’m from the part of the city that they don’t be talking about Austin my grandmama house Madhouse on Madison middle school graduate coulda been traffickin’ But I would rather do better than my uncle had it My head to the sky like a Jesse White backflip [Hook: Saba] Westside nigga go