Jimmy Henchman Convicted For Killing 50 Cent Associate In Murder-For-Hire

Jimmy Henchman has been found guilty of a murder-for-hire case which claimed the life of an associate of 50 Cent and G-Unit. The former hip hop mogul, also known as James Rosemond, is currently in prison on a life sentence for a 2014 murder-for-hire conviction. involving the 2009 killing of 50 Cent’s associate Lowell “Lodi

Tony Yayo – King Of The Pyrex Lyrics

TONY YAYOKing Of The Pyrex Lyrics [Intro:] [Soulja Boy:] S.O.D Money Gang, it’s 2010, nigga! [Tony Yayo:] The Unit! [Soulja Boy:] Tony Yayo, what’s happening? [Tony Yayo:] What’s good Soulja! [Soulja Boy:] I see you, G-Unit, nigga! [Tony Yayo:] Yeah! Remix! [Soulja Boy:] I’m a superstar bitch, get your telescope! (yup!) All eyes on me