Eric Bellinger – Yikes (Tory Lanez Diss)

[Intro] This is the E-mix, this is the E-mix, yeah And this gon’ be your favorite song [Verse 1] Memories don’t die but I can’t say the same for you I been on a positive vibe but this I had to do I’m down for gettin’ dirty, boy, I came from the trenches Too pussy

Rihanna, Lil Wayne, The Weeknd Reacts To Las Vegas Mass Shooting

TweetShare Celebrities including Rihanna, Lil Wayne, and The Weeknd have all shared their reaction to the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history in Las Vegas. The world is currently mourning the deadliest mass shooting event on U.S. soil in Las Vegas on Sunday night (October 2). A lone gunman wrecked havoc at a Country Music

Trey Songz – Games We Play (feat. Mikexangel) (Tremaine The Album Album)

[Intro: Trey Songz & MIKExANGEL] Mike, Mike, Mike, MikexAngel, (MikexAngel) Trey Songz, Trey Songz, Trey Songz She, she, she, yeah, yeah, yeah, ayy [Verse 1: Trey Songz] She, she, she, she, she set the tempo She, she, she, she, she never keep it simple It’s like we’re never in the middle I’m tryna figure out

Pick up the phone – Trey Songz lyrics

Lyrics Trey Songz – Pick up the phone Yeah, I met that b*tch at a party I swear that liquor got it started Bit tits like Dolly Excuse me, beg your pardon Yeah, I do this shit often Stone Cold like Austin What this life style costin’ And these b*tches wanna see me Swear this

Keys to the street – Trey Songz lyrics

Lyrics Trey Songz – Keys to the street You ever been lookin’ for your keys and they’re right there in your pocket? See that’s what wrong, like, sometimes people lookin’ for everybody else to give them the keys, and they’re right there. See all you gotta do is kick it with your homie, or kick

Trey Songz feat. MIKExANGEL – If It Ain’t Love Lyrics

(Skit) Ni**a, shut the f**k up Who you think you talking to? Oh, cause you Tremaine, think you can do whatever the f**k you want? F**k outta here Trey, you know better than that Don’t play me (Chorus – MIKExANGEL & Trey Songz) If it ain’t loving why, does it hurt so damn good, why?

Trey Songz feat. MIKExANGEL – A3

(Intro – MIKExANGEL) Look at this here, baby (Verse 1 – MIKExANGEL) I brought some party favors, party favors Got you naughty, babe, so naughty, babe, so naughty, baby I brought some party favors, party favors We mix the drink with emotions We gonna wake the neighbors I’m so impressed with your vibe and I

Trey Songz feat. MIKExANGEL – Mind F**kin Lyrics

(Chorus – Trey Songz) You know I’m tryna spend some time, yeah I’m tryna do a little mind f**kin You gon love it, baby, tell me do you mind Me f**kin with your mind? One more time, one more time So do you mind, baby If we could do a little mind f**kin? Let’s discuss

Trey Songz feat. MIKExANGEL – Gonna Be Lyrics

(Intro – MIKExANGEL) Woah, woah, yeah, baby (Chorus – MIKExANGEL & Trey Songz) You never lie to me I love your honesty I know what you want from me And that’s what I’m gonna be I love your company So much you done for me You deserve more from me That’s what I’m gonna be

Trey Songz feat. Justine Darcenne & MIKExANGEL – Find My Love Lyrics

(Chorus – Justine Darcenne & Trey Songz) I’ve got my mind on you Want my body on your too I know the things that you need, you want I can’t believe even when you’re done Now won’t you find my love Now won’t you find, won’t you find my love Won’t you find my love

Trey Songz feat. MIKExANGEL, Justine Darcenne & Chisanity – Vibrator Lyrics

(Intro – MIKExANGEL & Trey Songz) Vibe Yeah, yeah Vibe Oh, yeah (Chorus – Trey Songz & MIKExANGEL) I ain’t gotta call, she just came outside Got the top off, she just hop inside Yeah, wind in her hair, yeah, she just love the ride She don’t really care, yeah, she just love the vibe

Twisted Insane & Charlie Ray – Night Vision (The Gatekeeper And The Keymaster Album)

[Chorus (C. Ray)] If you could see what I can see Through my eyes Through the shadows you’d believe what I believe Tell no lies Get your carcass ripped apart and violently All this dark inside of me Come take part in my disease Night Vision x4 [Verse 1: C. Ray] Nightmare files Run upon