Blacc Zacc – Time Again Lyrics

[Intro] Run that back, P [Chorus] Time and time and time, I’m thuggin’ I told that bitch I can’t f**k her and her friend Ayy, this a coupe, you can’t ride in this Benz I front you, but you thought we were friends Two Glocks, two twins, brand new black FN’s Swim in the water like a fin, in

Fredrarrii – Line Em Up Lyrics (feat. Yungeen Ace & 9lokknine)

[Intro: 9LOKKNINE] I’m like why they talkin’ out they neck? Ayy, ayy, them niggas talk, but they ain’t ’bout shit (At all) My niggas spinnin’, they gon’ wet, mmh Ayy, ayy, ayy, it’s lil’ Glokk, you know what’s up with him (It’s Budda Beats) [Chorus: FredRarrii] Niggas talkin’ that tough shit, I line ’em up (Line ’em up) I

Jay Fizzle – Want Smoke Lyrics

[Intro] You want beef with me? Your ass better bring it Hah, Fizzle Don’t jump in that water if you can’t swim nigga Know what I’m sayin’? you hear me? Don’t jump in that water with the big fish nigga You a lil fish, you know what I’m sayin’? ayy [Chorus] I heard that he

G Herbo – Humble Beast (Intro) (Humble Beast: Before The Album)

Ay Swervo [Verse 1] Heard its cold in the Raq right now i’m riding down Rodeyo Then got introduced to snow i used to play wit yayo Diss the gang and don’t get dealt wit that boy got a halo Let off 50 shots then skeet off that clip that boy got a Draco Loyal