NASAMS air defense systems included in the new package of military assistance to Ukraine from the United States for $ 820 million

The United States will transfer ammunition for the American HIMARS MLRS, two Norwegian NASAMS systems and counter-battery radars to Ukraine .jpg” alt=”The new $820 million package of US military assistance to Ukraine includes NASAMS air defense systems” /> NASAMS air defense systems The new $820 million package of US military assistance to Ukraine includes additional

Poll in the United States revealed the danger of civil war

One ​​in four Americans are ready to take up arms against the White House A quarter of Americans are ready to take up arms against their own government, a survey conducted among registered voters in the United States shows such shocking data. Moreover, sociological data show that most Americans consider the government of the United

Reuters learned about the decrease in the chances of a nuclear deal between Iran and the United States

U.S.-Iran talks resumed after three-month hiatus in Doha, but concluded that no progress was made between the two sides After U.S.-Iranian talks in the Qatari capital, Doha, the chances of resuming the Washington-Tehran nuclear deal have diminished, a source said Reuters, senior US official. “The prospects for a deal after Doha are worse than they

Japan and the United States held joint exercises involving combat aircraft

On June 29, the Japanese and American military conducted joint maneuvers with the participation of combat aircraft over the waters of the Japan and East China Seas, according to the website of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. According to the report of the Japanese department , from Japan, eight F-15 fighters and four F-2 fighters

Zelensky spoke about the new aid package from the United States

According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, a new US military aid package will soon be sent to the front lines. He spoke about this in his video message. “The US authorities announced a new support package for Ukraine. I am grateful to Biden for this help, it will go to the front line soon,” he

NYT learned about the work of the “network of commandos and spies” of the United States in Ukraine

According to the newspaper, CIA officers are secretly working in Ukraine, collecting intelligence, which the US authorities then pass on to Kyiv. Washington's allied commandos are also operating in the country, according to its sources Ukraine is helped by a “network of commandos (special forces” RBC) and spies” The United States and other NATO countries,

In the United States, dozens of people were detained at protests against the decision to ban abortion

At least 25 people were detained in New York during a protest against the decision of the Supreme Court to abolish the right to abortion. According to the New York Post, they took to the streets about 17 thousand people. Many carried placards and also chanted “My Body – my choice. ABC7 TV channel reports

Biden announced the transfer of the United States “150 years ago” because of the decision on abortion

Biden: Supreme Court decision to repeal abortion right set US back 150 years Supreme Court decision to overturn 1973 abortion right ruling is a 'tragic mistake' that literally set the US back 150 years, Joe Biden says < img class="aligncenter" src="" alt="Biden announced the transfer of the United States "150 years ago" due to for

In the United States compared the reception of refugees from Ukraine and from Afghanistan

In summer, the number of Ukrainians who moved to the United States will reach 100,000 This summer, the United States promises to accept 100,000 Ukrainian refugees. Since the beginning of March, at least 71,000 people from Ukraine have already entered the States, fleeing the conflict in their homeland. Meanwhile, despite the loud promises of the

Assessed the prospects of the Republican bid for the secession of Texas from the United States

Local separatism called 'polarization on steroids' Texas Republicans at their convention this weekend called for a referendum to determine whether the state should “reclaim its status as an independent nation.” This is not the first time that some Texans are in favor of secession from the Lone Star State and the formation of an independent

Mercenaries from the United States spoke about the “chaos” in the battle near Kharkov

“More than a hundred infantrymen advanced on our positions” A former American soldier who fought on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine spoke in an interview with CNN about the battle, which he witnessed on June 9 near Kharkov, when two US mercenaries Andy Huyn and Alexander Druke were captured. The channel's interlocutor

In the United States called the Russian “Caliber” deadly and accurate weapons

The American security expert Alex Batley, in an article for 19Fortyfive, called the Caliber high-precision missiles deadly and accurate weapons. According to him, the cruise missiles in service with the RF Armed Forces are capable of destroying distant targets, and the 450-kilogram warhead of the Russian missile “can be equipped with both conventional and nuclear

Slavery in the United States: leave can not be banned. Where is the comma placed?

160 years ago, June 19, 1862, US President Abraham Lincolnsigned a document that is considered to be sometimes “great”, sometimes “historically important”, and sometimes “fateful”. A law developed and approved by the US Congress was sent to for to signature. This law prohibited “slavery now and henceforth in” all present and future territories of the United States. Is

Reuters learned about the “dead end” in the supply of Gray Eagle drones to Ukraine from the United States

The Pentagon fears that the expensive Gray Eagle drones could get to the opposing forces of the Armed Forces, the sale of drones to Kyiv has been suspended, sources told Reuters. The deal provided for Ukraine to receive four UAVs Drone Gray Eagle The process of selling U.S. MQ-1 °C Gray Eagle drones to Ukraine has

Peskov called the condition for the resumption of relations between Russia and the United States

According to the presidential press secretary, the only way to normalize relations with the United States would be for Washington to abandon the policy of hegemonism Dmitry Peskov become a vassal. About this in an interview with RIA Novosti said the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. “The only way” it is

The Foreign Ministry hoped that the United States would not use nuclear weapons because of Ukraine

Washington has a limited nuclear war approach, while Moscow does not accept the use of this type of weapons, Ryabkov said. The US accuses Russia of “rhetorical play” on this issue, but this is fake, he claims The use of nuclear weapons by the United States because of the crisis in Ukraine will become an

Russia’s permanent representative to the EU refused to consider the United States “the ruler of the world”

The day before, the US Treasury Department said that the United States is discussing with its allies a limit on the purchase prices of Russian oil. Russia's permanent representative to the EU said that the world is not limited to the United States, and oil consumption is actively growing in other regions Vladimir Chizhov The

American economist called the monstrous mistake of the United States in relation to Putin and Russia

The expert explained which economy should be compared with the Russian one. Political analyst James Dore said on a YouTube show that the US government made the mistake of thinking Russian President Vladimir Putin's words about Russia's economic power – this is a bluff. According to him, eight years ago, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham from

Politico learned about the problems of the United States in the supply of Gray Eagle drones to Ukraine

The military of Ukraine will have to undergo a long training in the use of Gray Eagle drones. Washington has not yet made a final decision on supplies, it may be blocked by Congress The process of transferring four American MQ-1C Gray Eagle drones to Ukraine faced problems in logistics and training of the Ukrainian

Antonov suggested that the United States “already now” start discussing the START-3 treaty

At present, the United States does not express readiness to resume a dialogue on strategic stability, Moscow calls for a discussion of this topic to begin now, RIA Novosti said. Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov. «In a few years— in 2026— it (the START-3 treaty) will expire. Is it in the national

The expert assessed the possibility of the presence of Russian ships in Nicaragua: the underbelly of the United States

Leonkov explained the meaning of the proposal of President Daniel Ortega The Nicaraguan edition of La Gaceta published on its pages a decree of President Daniel Ortega, which states: starting from the second half of this year, it is allowed to the presence for humanitarian purposes of warships and aircraft of a number of countries,

The Russian Ambassador to the United States spoke about the letter with the call to “renounce the homeland”

Russian Ambassador to the US Antonov said he received a letter calling to condemn Putin's actions According to Anatoly Antonov, the letter also invited him to condemn the actions of the Russian president. If he agreed to do this, he would have to contact the office of the First Deputy Secretary of State of the

Ambassador Sullivan ruled out a break in relations between Russia and the United States

Washington and Moscow cannot completely sever diplomatic relations, as they must maintain bilateral contacts, US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan said in an interview with TASS. “We will also never part at all. We cannot take and break off diplomatic relations and stop talking to each other,— he said. In late May, US Secretary of

The Foreign Ministry demanded from the United States an explanation for the transfer of Russian Mi-17s to Ukraine

The United States intends to transfer Russian-made helicopters to Ukraine, the contract for the purchase of which does not provide for their transfer to Kyiv, Zakharova said. She accused Washington of “unbridled desire to pump” Kyiv with weapons “The Foreign Ministry demanded that the US explain the transfer of Russian Mi-17s to Ukraine” /> Russia

Evil microbe. Under the guise of a good cause, the United States artificially caused epidemics

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 22. Science tortures boys and girls too 01/06/2022 The United States is collecting biological materials in the post-Soviet space, studying the specifics of the spread of dangerous diseases, and developing bioweapons in Ukraine. This was stated byVladimir Putin < /strong>at the CSTO summit. “As you know, in our common region, the Pentagon has

Lavrov saw a reasonable position of the United States on the supply of weapons to Ukraine

At the same time, according to the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Kyiv “passes all the boundaries of decency” in requests for arms supplies. Also, according to Lavrov, NATO is strengthening its own security in violation of Russia considers the position of the United States regarding the supply of weapons to Ukraine to be

NYT: the United States was afraid of the consequences of the confiscation of Russian assets

The NYT publication reports doubts in the Biden administration. The New York Times, citing sources, reports that the US authorities fear that the proposed confiscation of the assets of the Russian Central Bank will undermine the US international reputation as a reliable investment partner for storing the latter. A positive solution to the issue is

NYT learned of doubts in the United States about the confiscation of Russian assets

NYT: US believes that seizure of Russian assets will cause distrust of other countries The Biden administration fears that if Washington confiscates the assets of the Russian Central Bank, other countries will no longer see the US as a “country for holding investments.” Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Calls Confiscation of Reserves Illegal about doubts in