Unsuccessful start. US test of hypersonic missile fails

A flight test of a hypersonic missile system in Hawaii ended in failure due to a post-ignition problem. This was stated by the US Department of Defense. It turns out that the hypersound test program failed again. No further details were provided. Although the US Department of Defense has no doubts that it will complete

US intelligence did not see an opportunity for peace in Ukraine ‘at this stage’

According to the head of US National Intelligence Avril Haynes, the goals of the Russian president “to capture most of Ukraine” have not changed, so Washington currently does not see the possibility of a peace agreement between the parties US Director of National Intelligence Avril Haynes The United States at this stage does not see

Biden is going to create in Poland the headquarters of the army corps of the US army

Photo: kremlin.ru President of the United States Joe Biden during a press conference in Madrid announced his intention to create a country on the territory of Poland the permanent headquarters of the 5th US Army Corps in Europe. The American leader noted that Washington and the North Atlantic Alliance are going to strengthen their forces

NBC reported a shortage of recruits in the US armed forces

The number of eligible Americans aged 17-24 has dwindled, and even fewer young people would like to serve in the military. The Pentagon considers candidates unfit for military service and discusses its promotion in TikTok ” alt=”NBC reported a shortage of recruits in the US military” /> There is a shortage of recruits in all

“No sex until we get our rights back!” Pro-Abortion in the US

On June 24, the US Supreme Court struck down the constitutional right to abortion. Now decisions about their legality must be made at the state level. In many of them, abortion will be prohibited. This decision provoked mass protests in the United States. It has gotten to the point where feminists are urging women to

US to announce delivery of advanced missile system to Ukraine

Zelensky demands Western military assistance to Kyiv In the near future, the United States is going to announce the acquisition of a medium and long-range anti-aircraft missile system for Ukraine. Photo: AP As early as this week, the United States plans to announce the purchase of an advanced medium-to-long-range anti-aircraft missile system for Ukraine, a

Trump says US has become ‘the laughing stock of the world’

photo: donald trump. source: wikipedia Former US President Donald Trump has criticized the state that he believes the United States has become in the past two years. Speaking at a rally of his supporters in Illinois, Trump called the United States “a country of decline “and” laughing stock. RBC writes about this, referring to the

Canceled a day later: how US and UN sanctions were lifted from different countries

Over the past decades, UN and US sanctions have been imposed repeatedly – South Africa, Myanmar, Yugoslavia, Iraq. Why sanctions were imposed and how quickly they were lifted from different countries – in the RBC video 7/30/756560064213307.jpg” alt=”Canceled a day later: how US and UN sanctions were lifted from different countries” /> Video up to

Borrell says Iran and US will resume talks on nuclear deal

The head of EU diplomacy Borrell agreed that Iran and the United States will resume negotiations on the JCPOA ” alt=”Borrell says Iran and US will resume talks on nuclear deal” /> Josep Borrell Iran and the US will resume talks on a nuclear deal, said EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

Russian extradited from Thailand to US faces up to 20 years in prison

Russian citizen Dmitry Ukrainsky, who was extradited by the Thai authorities to the United States, faces up to 20 years in prison, TASS reports, citing the conclusion of the US prosecutor's office. The Russian is accused of conspiracy to commit fraud, banking fraud, cyber fraud and money laundering. In particular, law enforcement officers believe that

US announces new $450 million military aid package for Ukraine

In total, since the beginning of the military operation, Washington has sent military assistance to Kyiv for $ 6.1 billion. The new package, among other weapons, will include additional HIMARS MLRS military equipment and munitions, White House National Security Council (NSC) strategic communications coordinator John Kirby said during a briefing. “The United States announced a

The Hermitage announced a moratorium on exhibitions in the US and Europe

The moratorium is introduced for a year, all exhibits previously sent to European museums have already returned to Russia. The Hermitage pointed out that in the 1990s such a moratorium was in place inside Russia for security reasons The Hermitage, St. Petersburg The State Hermitage will not hold exhibitions in Europe and the US for

Biden said the US and EU knew about the consequences of restrictions on oil

According to the American president, Western countries have cut off Russian oil in response to Moscow's actions in Ukraine, knowing that this will lead to higher fuel prices. But they had no choice Joe Biden The US and the EU understood that due to restrictions on Russian oil, they would face higher fuel prices, said

US explains NATO’s fear of Iskanders

The most modern Russian platform for launching ballistic and cruise missiles The United States explained the fear of the North Atlantic Alliance of the Russian OTRK 9K720 Iskander. The Russian-made operational-tactical missile system is highly accurate, writes the 19FortyFive portal. Photo: Press Service of the Ministry of Defense According to observer Wesley Culp, the Iskander

The White House considered Peskov’s words about the execution of US citizens in the Donbass terrible

Peskov did not reject the possibility of a death sentence for two Americans captured in Ukraine, this is appalling, the White House said. The Russian Ministry of Defense considers foreigners fighting on the side of Ukraine to be mercenaries The house considered Peskov's words about the execution of US citizens in the Donbass terrible” />

Bloomberg learned about India’s plans to prevent BRICS statements against the US

India will ensure that all statements following the summit are neutral, and also intends to study the criteria for admitting new countries, the agency writes. The summit will be held on June 23–24 in the online format Xi Jinping India intends to “resist” Chinese President Xi Jinping's efforts to use the BRICS summit to highlight

Washington Post learned about US preparations for a protracted conflict in Ukraine

The White House predicted such a scenario even before the start of hostilities, writes WP. To speed up the denouement, the United States stepped up arms supplies to Kyiv. In Russia, on the contrary, the transfer of arms is associated with the desire to prolong the conflict alt=”Washington Post learned of US preparations for protracted

US senators complained to TikTok about the failure to remove the content of Russian state media

The senators said that although TikTok restricted operations in Russia, it allowed state media to publish news for a while. Also, the platform did not remove previously posted “misleading pro-government content” Republican U.S. senators sent a message to TikTok CEO Show Zi Chu expressing concern over the placement of Russian state media content on the

Putin called US statements about “Putin’s inflation” stupidity

The West is using the Russian special operation as a “lifeline” that allows it to “blame its own miscalculations on others,” Putin said. According to him, the increase in imports from the US and the EU led to an increase in prices in the world. 756554722171579.jpg” alt=”Putin called the US statement about “Putin's inflation” stupid”

WP learned that the FBI is investigating the case of US chips in Russian military equipment

US authorities have begun investigating the supply chain of American-made chips to Russia. The researchers found them in Russian military equipment that is involved in the hostilities in Ukraine jpg” alt=”WP has learned that the FBI is investigating the case of US chips in Russian military equipment” /> FBI agents, together with the US Department

Russian oil continues to flow to the US and Europe through India

photo pixabay.com According to the National Post portal, Russian raw meat continues to flow to Europe and the United States, despite the plans of countries West “to give up energy dependence” from the Russian Federation. “A significant share of crude oil is re-exported from Russia to the United States and Europe through refineries in India,”

Bloomberg learned about US fears due to the “side effect” of sanctions

With large companies leaving Russia, US authorities “were caught off guard by the potential side effects,” Bloomberg learned. However, the American administration does not consider its sanctions policy a mistake, writes A number of officials in the US presidential administration have expressed concern that sanctions, “instead of affecting the Russian authorities, exacerbate inflation, worsen food

US admits ‘monstrous mistake’ against Putin

Vladimir Putin. Photo: Kremlin.ru. American political analyst James Dore said on a Youtube show that the US must admit it was a terrible mistake when it thought President Vladimir Putin was bluffing about Russia's economic power. According to Dore, in 2014 Senator Lindsey Graham said that Putin had “weak cards” in his hands and expressed

US senators reach agreement on tougher gun control

US Democratic and Republican Senators Agree on Key Measures to Reduce Gun Violence U.S. senators have reached a bipartisan agreement on the main provisions of a bill to tighten gun control in the United States, reports The New York Times. According to the report, a group of 10 Democrats and 10 Republicans approved proposals to

China’s defense minister says US should stop slandering China

Photo: pixabay.com China has demanded that the US government stop vilifying it and stop attempts to contain it. This was stated by Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe at the Shangri-La Dialogue security conference in Singapore. His speech can be viewed live on the forum's YouTube channel. “Persistently pursuing a policy that sees China as a

Kissinger found US parties more divided than during the Vietnam War

Today, politicians even argue about “America's core values,” including issues of individual freedom and the provisions of the national Constitution, and every US administration faces “continuous hostility” from the opposition, according to politician Modern American parties are more divided than during the Vietnam War, said former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in an interview

US vows ‘strong and quick’ response to North Korean nuclear test

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman promised a “strong and swift” response to Pyongyang's nuclear test during her visit to South Korea. Photo: pixabay.com Yonhap News Agency reported that U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman promised a “strong and swift” response to Pyongyang's nuclear test during her visit to South Korea. Recall that

US opens nuclear Pandora’s box

Asia is in danger of becoming the new “testing ground” The sharp activation of the United States in the Asia-Pacific basin may soon increase the number of nuclear countries there and build up the existing arsenals. The ongoing discussion in the United States about the desirability of lowering the nuclear threshold and the acceptability of

NYT learned about the US letter to 14 countries on the sale of Ukrainian grain

According to the publication, Washington sent a warning to 14 countries that Russia is trying to sell grain from Ukrainian ports. Africa has been particularly hard hit by food shortages due to the conflict in Ukraine alt=”NYT learned about the US letter to 14 countries about the sale of Ukrainian grain” /> In mid-May, the

Commission of the Federation Council and the State Duma discussed US biological laboratories in Nigeria

Vice Speaker of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev announced the operation of six US biological laboratories in Nigeria, where monkeypox originated. It is reported by RIA Novosti.  «We received absolutely new information about the activities of biolaboratories (USA) in Nigeria», – Kosachev said during the  commission to investigate the activities of US biolaboratories in Ukraine.