Dabeull – Day & Night Lyrics

VERSE I feel like, loving you tonight What I feel for you, makes me feel alright, feel alright, oh PRE CHORUS That boy is sweet like a warm summer weather I can’t help thinking bout when we’re together CHORUS Day and night (Ooh) I say day and night, day and night VERSE 2 There … tonight Baby your love

Cook Thugless – Limbo Lyrics (feat. Jonny Wolf)

Koi cola (CHORUS) I feel low like I’m playing limbo Drop me down all the way to the floor Leave me there to die, ‘ain’t even dig a hole I don’t know, feel like I’m in limbo Caught between the two Call it limbo between you What I don’t know, between two Call it limbo between you What I

Cook Thugless – Echo Walls Lyrics

Jack Blerry (CHORUS) Echo walls think this house too big for me yeah Hit the road man these streets like a movie I’m moving I’m in a foreign land Can’t head back, head back, head back, head back yeah Couple grand on hand Can’t head back head back head back head back yeah Koi cola (BREAK) Yeah, ah Oooh,

Cook Thugless – Lost In LA Lyrics

Koi cola (CHORUS) Hey, hey My friends are MIA, lost in LA Hey, hey I miss the city, can’t take the subway I wish you were here, yeah I wish you would hear me I miss you so dearly now Jack Blerry (VERSE 1) We’re on our shit Triplets of rappers we digging right in Bass is all cued,

New City – Getting Closer lyrics

Chorus It gets cold outside in the night When I’m sober, growing older When you miss every time It’s alright you’ll be fine Take it slower, you’re getting closer VERSE Everybody’s tryna stop me or slow me down Hardest part of leavings when you know you let them down Always doing better can’t nobody hold

Kid Rock – Drinkin’ Smokin’ Lyrics

KID ROCKDrinkin’ Smokin’ Lyrics VERSE 1 I’m a pimp, you can check my stats An’ rollin’ a Fleetwood, that’s how I Mac I rock all the tracks so the World knows I love all the girls, smack all the Ho’s Show love to those who come real with it Life’s a bitch but I deal

Becca – Beshiwo Lyrics English Version ft. Bisa Kdei

Becca – Beshiwo Lyrics English Version ft. Bisa Kdei VERSE 1   (BECCA) Medכ gyegye me, כyε nnoכma bi de gyegye me כde makoma εbכ chaskele כnya merε ma me oo, na adεn nie? Sunsum pε nso honam yε merε merε merε Obi tu ne fo ma meε Na sε mete nkensεn a w’ani bεba wo

Brandon Rhyder – Freeze Frame Time Lyrics

BRANDON RHYDERFreeze Frame Time Lyrics VERSE 1 It’s a beautiful morning, to see the sun rise It’s moments like this that make me wish I could freeze frame time I got a hot cup of coffee, gonna watch the world come alive Surrounded by nature likens the innocence of a new born child CHORUS Sometimes

Thyro Alfaro, Yumi Lacsamana, Jeric Medina – Triangulo lyrics

(VERSE 1) Ayoko nang magpatuloy pa (Um kaduda-duda) (Um kaduda-kadua) Kung sabay kaming dalawa (Mag-isip ka muna) (Mag-isip ka muna) Kung babalik ka rin naman Sa yong nakaraan Ohh.. Ano pang kalalagyan? (VERSE 2) Kung isasantabi naman (Itong ating pagsubok) (Itong ating pagsubok) Ika’y mapapagitnaan (Ng tatlong gilid at sulok) (Tatlong gild at sulok) Bali-baliktarin