Lady Leshurr – 3AM In Brum Lyrics

[Intro] Yo, me no rap around this year ya know Look [Verse 1] Here comes the “Big baddie” (woo) Big bars, big talent, you’re invalid Big bank, big balance, got a big batty (woo, woo) Flows hot, it’s in Cali and it’s static (yeah) I don’t need a Big Daddy (haha) Man, it’s 20-L-teen and

Jasmine Ortiz – Teenage Freak lyrics

Verse Woke up this morning, and went to school And saw all the silly boys, drool, drool, drool Drooling over the girl, that had the short dress Drooling over the girl, who was a hot mess. Bridge It doesn’t matter to me, It doesn’t matter you see, Chorus So what if I’m a teenage freak,