Peaceful plans for genocide. The story of how the US and NATO did not threaten Russia

Plot World History with Andrey Sidorchik Western leaders have launched a series of statements that boil down to one — there is no threat to Russia's security from representatives of the North Atlantic Alliance. “NATO is not looking for a conflict with Russia” “NATO is not looking for a conflict with Russia”, — announced Alliance

“Never let the queen down.” Love story of Elizabeth II and Philip

They lived together for 73 years, 4 months and 20 days. And died with a a a a year and five months difference. They — they are Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. recalls a bright, touching, rich in events and emotions love story. The world's longest monarch. “To be spared in war and to see victory, to be able to rest and rebuild, to fall in love unconditionally —    after that, personal and

Zelensky khaki. Who else among the civilian politicians wore “military”?

In former times, the current president of Ukraine was considered a person with good taste. His show business era suits fit him perfectly. What has Vladimir Zelensky achieved by switching to khaki? And by the way, who did it earlier than him? Judging by the available images, after the start of the Russian special operation,