Trippie Redd & Tekashi Beefing On Instagram Again

Rap newcomers Trippie Redd and Tekashi are signed to the same label but that doesn’t mean that they don’t hate each other. A lot of you are probably wondering who are these rappers. Yes they actually rap and that viral single “Love Scars” is this kid name Trippie Redd and he has a bunch of

Red Velvet – Some Love lyrics

[Seulgi] Neon swipgedo malhae heeojimyeo See ya See ya ijen jeomjeom hwaga na [Yeri] Tto irae Call Me Call Me Call Amureohji anhke eokkae eusseuk yalmiwojyeo [Wendy] Naman nega aswipni honja ireoneun geoni Hanbeon tuk teolgo malhae I don’t mind aljanha Just let me love ya [Joy] Neodo soljikhaejigil uri teukbyeolhaejigil You’re the hottest [Irene]