Sybyr – Google Yourself Freestyle Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Syringe Vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom Yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Vroom vroom vroom Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Vroom vroom vroom Vroom vroom vroom Yeah yeah Woah Aye [Verse] I don’t wanna go back, never f**king turn back Had enough of that bullshit, don’t even know

Rkm Legend – All She Wanted Lyrics

[Intro] She know he steady be creeping That’s why she always be leaving Then she comes right back Around But He don’t even make a sound Cause He feel like He got her now But karma’s Finna Come Town Yeah Yeah But [Hook] All She wanted was Love Yeah Yeah He ain’t giving her Love

Stormzy – Wiley Flow Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Wiley] Bruv, I didn’t look at it this way before But as I approach my birthday All you man are my youngers You man are my youngers bruv [Verse 1] If you can’t do 10K first week Then I don’t wanna’ hear no chat about numbers You man are my youngers All blacked out like

Trivium – Anthem (We Are The Fire) lyrics

[Verse 1] Just when they thought you were through You’ve burned their lies, now you’re strengthened it’s true Turn your backs on your enemies And let those motherfuckers rot in their jealousy! [Pre Chorus] They Can’t stand That the world’s up for taking and we are adamant Hell bent Determined to dominate everything [Chorus] We


[Mino] Yeonghwana bollae jojo Oh Yeah Neoman johdamyeon nan gogo (Gogossing) Daedaphae geunyang Oh Oh (She says “Yes”) tiket du jangeun Lotto Neo hwajanghaji ma baebulleo deo ippeojimyeon nan aembyulleonseu Honeybee Honeybee kkoyeo kkocheul jwin geon Only one That’s You You Woo Wee neon naui jonggyo iljuil Maeil yeongjeophal su itdamyeon maeiri juil Woo Wee

Key Glock – Cocky (Uncensored)

I walk up in the party, money bustin out my pockets Rubber bands, these ain’t no wallet bitch Yeah bitch, im so cocky Chillin’ with some thotties But these bitches look like barbies I just threw a slumber party All these hoes just give me noggin’ I just bought two choppers 2 K’s, Kendall Kylie

Chronixx Brushes Off Aidonia “Yeah Yeah” Controversy

Tweet Share Chronixx brushes off some recent controversies surrounding a video of him vibing Aidonia‘s hit single “Yeah Yeah.” The clip surfaced last week showing Chronixx and his friends singing and dancing along to “Yeah Yeah” which is one of the biggest dancehall songs this year. The video angered some of the reggae singer’s fans

Vybz Kartel’s “Mhm Hm” Hit 3 Million Views In Less Than A Month

Tweet Share Vybz Kartel single “Mhm Hm” is the hottest new single in dancehall currently and has already hit three million views in less than a month. It’s been three weeks since Vybz Kartel drop the infectious new single and already it’s the most popular song in dancehall both in Jamaica and overseas. The track

Aidonia Set To Draw Huge Crowd At Smirnoff Image

Aidonia is the headline act on this year’s Smirnoff Image which is set for August 25th at Fort Clarence Beach. The “Yeah Yeah” deejay is currently on the last leg of his hugely successful European tour. The promoter of the event Luigi Brown says that they are expecting a record crowd this year as loyal

Listen Aidonia New Hit Song “Yeah Yeah”

Aidonia scores another summer hit with his new single “Yeah Yeah.” The track was released a few days ago on the Genna Bounce Riddim which was produced by 4th Genna Music and Emudio Records. Aidonia performed the party anthem in front thousands of fans last weekend and received an arousing response from the crowd and

Weather Girls – Hey Boy ❤~For What Reason

終わった恋に光る涙一粒 (Oh Whoa oh oh oh oh) みんなああいう風にして 天気の話なんかして (Yeah Yeah, Yeah Yeah Yeah) 僕無しでもキミなら平気」 勝手に決めつけるなんて 代わりにあいつを殴ってやりたい 再見 Bye Bye さよなら ねぇ ウェイシェンモ ウェイシェンモ 男って単純過ぎる 来来 女だって 強がって生きてるの ready? メイクアップしたなら baby? もう振り向かない Can’t you see?もういいし? no no no 鈍いの Can’t you see? ウォーシャンマー この機会にダイエット成功させよう (Oh Whoa oh oh oh oh) 雑談して 露出はちょっとだけアップ (Yeah Yeah, Yeah Yeah Yeah) 綺麗になった自撮り写メ 間違ったふりして 送信 きっと今頃 後悔の嵐よ 再見 Bye Bye さよなら

B.o.B – $tacks Of Dreams (Elements Album)

[Intro/Refrain] Dreams, stacked on top of Dreams, stacked on top of Dreams, stacked on top of Dreams, stacked on top of Dreams, stacked on top of Dreams, stacked on top of Dreams, stacked on top of Dreams, stacked on top of [Bridge] Bodies, on top of Bodies, on top of Bodies, copies Carbon copies Do

Shinee – Prism lyrics

[Onew] Geu eotteon geul geu eotteon mal Geu eotteon pyojeong geu eotteon bichui eoneodo Naegen boiji anhdeon ([Jonghyun] In Love) [Taemin] Geu pyojeongdo nega hamyeon Geu maldo neol geochimyeon [Jonghyun] Uimireul ttigo From red to violet Machi mujigaecheoreom naege pyeolchyeojyeo [Key] Nunbusyeo bol su eoptdeon Tumyeonghae boiji anhdeon Neoui geu du nunbicheuro nae mameul bichueo

Shinee – U Need Me lyrics

[Taemin] Nareul bwajwo Here I am Heundeullineun bamhaneul sogeseo Cheoeumbuteo yunanhi bitnago itdeon baro Sirius [Key] Neol wihae doel su itneun modeun Gyeonguui sureul da deohae Nal hangsang chajeul su itdorok I’ll follow I’ll follow [Jonghyun] Baby girl (My girl) Tteugeoun taeyangi jimyeon Neoreul mannareo galge Oh [All] Eodumi chajaomyeon U Need Me Malhaji anhado