Mr. Shadow – Sound Of My Heata Lyrics

[Daz Dillinger] Yeah Young Daz and Shadow [Mr. Shadow] Ha ha [Daz Dillinger] What’s up [Mr. Shadow] What’s up, Daz [Daz Dillinger] Ah, you know, mayne, just co-west-coastin’ [Mr. Shadow] That’s right [Daz Dillinger] Doin’ it up like a G, yo [Mr. Shadow] You know Shit Mr. Shadow (Shadow) Daz Dillinger (Daz Dilli) E-Dubb (E-Dubb)

Daz Dillinger – Feels Good Lyrics

DAZ DILLINGERFeels Good Lyrics (Hook – Lataya Williams) (Feels so good) Feels good to know that someone loves you (To know someone loves you) Feels good to know someone cares (I wanna feel you) It’s been a long time since I felt you Just call my name I’ll be there (Feels so good) (Daz) Young