Amine – Yellow (On A Colors Show) (Live)

[Intro: Aminé] I, yeah, I, hey Hey-ey, uh Hey, uh [Verse 1: Aminé] I was down, yeah, now I’m better (ayy) Stuntin’ with my dogs like my first name Cruella (ruff) Black girls love me ’cause a nigga got some feta (true) And white girls love me like my first name Coachella (woo) I’m a…

Metro Boomin – No Complaints Lyrics

METRO BOOMINNo Complaints Lyrics [Offset (Future):] Know what I’m sayin’? f**k what y’all niggas doin’ What you got goin’ on, what’s happenin’? Yeah, know what I’m sayin’? Real niggas in this mothaf**ka, mane Hell yeah, y’all niggas lame, nigga Y’all niggas, man, know what I’m sayin’? (If Young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gon’ shoot