Yung Mal – War Lyrics (feat. Gunna)

[Intro: Gunna] Yeah Huh, uh Run that back, Turbo Yeah [Chorus: Gunna] We got too many sticks, yeah, we ready for war Sippin’ that syrup out the pint, oh I got blue cheese out the bank, oh Yves Saint Laurent to my ankles All the new cribs come with gates, oh We not gon’ let you escape, no Racks

Yung Mal – Cross Like Cris Lyrics

[Intro] Gudda Tay on every beat, nigga [Chorus] Couldn’t get left, had to get it right Ain’t none of this shit came overnight A young nigga had to sacrifice Had to pay my dues, never asked the price Young nigga get rich, that’s that shit I like I be clutchin’ my stick at the red light Just popped a