UK to send MLRS to Ukraine despite Putin’s warning

The Russian President said the day before that the military would begin to strike at Ukrainian targets that they had not previously attacked if Western countries supplied Kyiv with long-range missiles. London has not abandoned its intentions

M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System

After a warning from the Russian authorities, the UK will not abandon the idea of ​​supplying Ukraine with long-range multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS). Plans to transfer the M270 installations to Kyiv were confirmed by the head of the Ministry of Defense of the Kingdom, Ben Wallace, reports The Guardian. The minister did not name their exact number.

«Russia is changing its tactics— our support to Ukraine must also change,— explained Wallace's solution.

According to the source of the publication, London demanded assurances from Kyiv that the MLRS will not be used to strike targets in Russia, and there is confidence “that the weapons will be used properly” & mdash; “to protect Ukraine on the territory of Ukraine.” A diagram is attached to the newspaper material, on which, next to the M270, one of the missiles used with the installation is shown— M31A1, its flight range is up to 80 km.

Wallace has previously voiced plans to send the M270 to Ukraine, noting that the decision was made in coordination with the United States, which will transfer the HIMARS MLRS to Kyiv.

The US State Department had recently promised not to send long-range missiles “that go beyond the battlefield in Ukraine.” Kyiv has assured Washington that it will not use MLRS to strike Russian territory, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also ruled out attacking targets in Russia with long-range Western weapons: “We are not interested in what is happening in Russia. We are only interested in our own territory.

The Russian authorities accuse the countries supplying weapons to Kyiv of seeking to prolong the conflict. Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview released on June 5 on the Rossiya 1 channel said that the military will begin to strike in Ukraine on those objects that have not yet been struck if foreign states supply Kyiv with long-range missiles.

UK Undersecretary of Defense James Hippie has previously spoken of the “legality” of possible strikes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on military targets in Russia with the help of Western weapons. After that, the Russian defense department warned of a proportional response to provocation from London.

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