What kind of dictionary for the replacement of anglicisms was created in the Crimea?

Crimean authorities have developed a dictionary to replace words borrowed from English. It was called “Speak Russian”. This was reported to RIA Novosti by the head of the Crimean parliament, Vladimir Konstantinov.

 The dictionary will be handed out to the participants of the international festival of Russian, Slavic culture in Crimea «The Great Russian Word» (takes place in the Crimea from June 6 to 12), Konstantinov said on the air of the TV channel "Crimea-24".  

 "We have prepared very nice, with a certain sense of humor dictionaries, booklets, we will distribute to each participant, in which it will be written that <…> mean [loanwords] in the Russian version. These [borrowed from foreign languages] words forgot <…> and start speaking Russian. The Russian language has these words, why parasitize with other people's words, – said the head of the Crimean parliament (quote from TASS). 

What words got into the “Speak Russian” dictionary?

The dictionary includes over 100 Russian analogues of popular anglicisms. Among them are the following:

·        upgrade – update, improvement;

·        battle – competition, competition;

·        google – search for information on the Internet;

·        kamon – yes, okay;

·        cache – cash;

·        luxury – luxurious;

·         bow – image;

·        know-how – trade secret;

·        prolongation – extension;

·        sale – sale;

·        troubles – problems;

·        hype – hype, hype;

·        chillout – recreation area;

·        weekend – weekends.

 At the beginning of the dictionary, the authors placed a satirical poem replete with borrowed words:

– And today we have a workshop.

And you?

– Agritating our coach is on us.

For freelancing.

Well, yesterday make-up

Done for no reason.

< strong>Image maker created:

The eye is now – a solid bruise.

– And here baby sitter

Haipanuland – not that word!

Year promoted parent

Together with the child on talk show.

– And we have a well-known guru in the field of architecture

Did selfie for PR,

Luk he chose extremal.

Only from the roof of the train thundered straight into the hospital.

– And we have some kind of frontman suddenly top -manager became.

– Exclusive?

– Managed!

Invited us all  offline, marked our deadline, streamed a speech his pro startups, pro mainstream and pro headline.< /p>

Realizing all our troubles

In nostalgic sadness

Remembering as boyfriends

They called them grooms.

Instead of casting our mothers held bridegrooms,

And not mans, but men gave flowers to girls.

The party was party

Improvement upgrade.

Maybe , after all, we have enough

Russians to offend people?

 At the end of the dictionary is a quote Russian publicist Vissarion Belinsky: “Use a foreign word, when there is a Russian word equivalent to it, – means to insult both common sense and common taste.

 Sources: https://ria.ru, https://tass.ru

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