Ygtut – Intro Lyrics

Kevin Adams is from Chattanooga and says “Crime in our city has reached its peak.”
I go in my house and I don’t come out
Can’t say when or what but I believe we in our last days
It’s the reason Chattanooga police chief Bobby Dog is relying on local pastors like Kevin Adams
3 of our local pastors has helped us and worked in our community and try to get this suspect to turn himself in
And this was out press conference on Wednesday when the chief announced the arrest of 33 year old Kevin Houston
Hes accused of shooting Chattanooga police officer William Macwillin
And just yesterday 3 separate shootings
The first shooting happened near the Rite-Aid on Brainerd Road
30 mins later another man shot in the Emma Wheeler sub-division
Being a 3rd shooting five hours later on Tennessee ave in St Elmo
You can do something with your life
Instead of either killing somebody, or spending your life behind bars
Tonight, an 18 year old man sits in jail accused of shooting and killing his rival gang member
A 16 year old
*Fades out*

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