Ygtut – Sunday Morning Lyrics

…You got to love your enemies and pray for them to despitefully use you. And some of us can’t make up our mind, one minute you’re in the world but the next minute you’re in the kingdom. You wanna shout on Sunday but act worldly on Monday, let me preach

Touch your neighbor and ask them, which one are you in? Ask them, you in the world or you in the kingdom?. Tell ’em we gon’ find out when somebody does something to you. See, when you live in torment you got ulcers and you got sleepless nights, see you got all of this stuff and your hair’s falling out cause you’re worrying about folk and you’re trying to get folk back. Can I preach and tell you you don’t have to get nobody back cause God said “Vengeance is mine”, saidth of the Lord. And how many of you know that God will take care of your enemies? As a matter of fact, God will make your enemies your footstool. Can I preach to somebody?

But do you not know that when you hold bitterness in your heart, it blocks your blessing? Put James 2 and 13 up. And I’m getting ready to close…

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